Meghan Owen on TPR

Today,  the 17th of May, The Source” show on Texas Public Radio  aired a segment with Green candidate Meghan Owen–along with the Repub & Demo candidates for Congress, 35th District of Texas.

Considering they only gave her a minute or so late in the broadcast, Meghan made a strong impression. Noteworthy that Demo candidate Maria Luisa Alvarado, the sole voice of South-side women in the field, lauded Meghan as  representing the future of the district.

Returning the compliment, I’ll give Maria Luisa’s positive thoughts a little space here. From the TPR site:

To run against Doggett, newcomer Alvarado is running an uphill battle, one she says she’s been climbing since she was born.

“I don’t shine, said Alvarado, “I’m not a rock star, and I think that’s part of the problem that we have with our elections these days. You’ve got to have a lot of money. You have to have some sort of appeal. All those things really don’t sell down in my neighborhood,” she said.

Every vote counts

Owen says she doesn’t want to split votes between the Republicans and Democrats. She says she wants the vote of the disenfranchised voters.

She is frustrated with “career politicians” who have not given a voice to people like her.

“You need to pass the torch on to the younger generation,” she said. “These incumbents that have been in power for 14 years, 16 years, 20 years, why are they still there? Why haven’t they stepped down to give a younger generation the chance to go in there and fix the mistakes that they made?”

TPR’s Ryan Loyd hosts. Expect Meghan back at TPR for further interviews.

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The segment SHOULD become available for replay via the On Demand tab on the player–and possibly for download in the archives.