Bexar County Green Party asking for Donations and Volunteers to assist Church of Life

BCGP would like to be involved in fundraiser with Church of Life an LGBTQIA supportive religious community.  Requesting art and craft supplies to be sold at Fair this Saturday November 18.2017.  If you would like to volunteer to serve as booth volunteer please call Herb Gonzales Cell :210-440-1195 to schedule your time about 2 volunteer hours per volunteer.

Wanna take the first crack at Vista Ridge?

There is going to be a meeting on the 1st of December at 5:30pm at 1607 E. Houston (Warrick’s office) to start campaigning for Alan Warrick who is in a run-off against Toney for the District 2 city council seat.

Alan Warrick, if elected, will put up a little fight against the Vista Ridge pipeline. This is much more than we have out of any city council representatives right now. A statement will solidify his position on the matter.

Folks should bring their phones and laptops as we’re likely to start making calls that evening for Warrick and/or get set to do some block walking.

Thank you,

Rachell M. Tucker

More light on the $3.4B pipeline deal – San Antonio Express-News

PLUS Actions: NYC to Ferguson linx:

Wave of protests inspired by the Ferguson grand jury decision are spreading across US cities.

Glen Ford’s blog: “Ferguson: It is Right to Resist, By Any and All Means Necessary

In the coming days and months, activists must be diligent in drawing lines between those honest elements that counsel against violence for moral or tactical and strategic reasons, and those who, like Sharpton, Van Jones and Rep. “Lacy” Clay, seek to destroy the budding mass movement by ostracizing and alienating its youthful core.

It does appear, however, that it’s “Movement Time” at long last. In the words of activist Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, with much of Black America and its allies on the march, “We have already won!”

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at .

Can you provide Solidarity Housing for the State Convention?

Solidarity Housing for Out of Town Greens Attending the State Convention
Green Party of Texas June 8-10, 2012

Hello Greens,

Bexar County will be hosting the 2012 State Convention of the
Green Party of Texas, Friday thru Sunday, June 8-10.

Since few Greens are 1 Percenters, the need to pay for motel rooms
can prevent many from coming to the state convention. Many
others prefer to stay with local Greens for the camaraderie.

Some will need hospitality for two nights Friday and Saturday,
and others will need accommodations only for Saturday. Some
few may want to stay Sunday night also.

Generally, most will be happy with any place you can offer.
Couches, floors, spare bedrooms, garages, screen porches,
etc. are fine. Of course, bathroom/shower access is a must.

This is a chance to connect with others of like political mind
around the state, and there is the possibility of their returning
the favor for you in the future.

Most of the conventioneers will be at the Convention in
Grey Forest [near Helotes] all day Saturday the 9th and until
mid-late afternoon Sunday the 10th. There will also be a party
Saturday Night.

If you can help with hospitality, please contact me right away.
Click this –> to contact me

Thanks so much,
A.J. Worthey
210 387-4232

Please provide the following info.

Name _______________________
Street Address________________________

City __________________, TX, Zip __________

Phone _________ Cell _________

Nights you can host: Friday ____, Saturday ____, Sunday____
Number of people you can host ______
Couples  ______
Singles   ______
Any Gender? ____ Male only ____ Female only ____
Spare Bedrooms ______
Garage ______
Couch ______
Floor ______
Screen Porch ______
Other ______
Handicapped Accessible ____
No Smoking ____
Smoking Outdoors Only ____
Smoking Allowed Indoors
Air Conditioned  yes____ no____
Bathroom facilities only yes____
Shower and Bathroom yes ____