WHEN: Sunday,January 7, 2018

Where: Mission Branch Public Library 3134 Roosevelt Ave behing the old Mission Drive-In

Time:  2:00-4:00pm

Agenda:  Discussion of election of officers C0-Chair and Secretary to fill unexpired term.

Ballot Access drive and education of voters regarding parties with conventions scheduled for March 13, 2018.

Formation of Ballot Access committee and fundraiser for Party.

Announcements and other items for presentation..


Greens and Allies,

The Bexar County Green Party is participating member of Climate Action Coalition.  The CAC is composed of over forty members and is currently in discussion with the City of San Antonio (COSA) to develop and implement a sustainable plan of development and to meet the challenges of global climate change.  Furthermore, the BCGP is advocating for the inclusion of all members of the community especially the historically excluded and oppressed sectors of San Antonio and demanding their inclusion in this CAC. Currently, the CAC has meetings during the day and midweek and recently added a meeting time in the evenings to accomodate working class persons.  The CAC is scheduling to meet with the Mayor regarding the creation of a committee and representation on this committee.  At the present, the composition and creation of the committee is being debated and had been decided upon with little to no input from CAC. Updates on the committee being created and policies of the CAC will be provided as known.   For more info please call 210-440-1195.




WHERE MISSION BRANCH LIBRARY 3134 Roosevelt Ave behind old Mission Drive Inn




a. Update on Climate Action SA

b.Update on Free Speech Coalition

c.Candidate filing update

d.Winter Social for BCGP

e.Planning for January fundraiser

Bexar County Green Party asking for Donations and Volunteers to assist Church of Life

BCGP would like to be involved in fundraiser with Church of Life an LGBTQIA supportive religious community.  Requesting art and craft supplies to be sold at Fair this Saturday November 18.2017.  If you would like to volunteer to serve as booth volunteer please call Herb Gonzales Cell :210-440-1195 to schedule your time about 2 volunteer hours per volunteer.

GPTX endorses Medicare For All march and rally


July 29, 2017
Where: From The Hemisfair Pavilion, we will walk around the block and end @ 757 Cesar Chavez
Starting at 10:00 AM
The time to act is NOW!
We can’t sit and watch from the sidelines as special interests buy our elections and overcharge us for healthcare.
Let’s all stand together and demand MEDICARE FOR ALL!
Facebook: Medicare4allSaTx / San Antonio Healthcare Now – Coalition / March4Medicare
Speakers @ Rally: We will hear from people and their experiences going through the horrors of our current healthcare system in Texas. Key Note Speakers:
Rick Treviño Steven Kling Judy Lerma John Courage Derrick Crowe Rixi Melton Chris Perri Mary Street Wilson (Community Organizer) (Candidate for State Senate) (National Nurses United) (City Council D-9) (Candidate for Congress D21 – Candidate for Congress D21 – Candidate for Congress D21)
Sema Hernandez  (Candidate For Senate)

Memorial services for Robert Paul Pipkin

Paul Pipkin will be remembered at two services on Sunday July 23,2017, beginning at 1:30pm at the Scott Chapel,ground floor,Laurel Heights United Methodist Church at the corner of Woodlawn and Belknap one block west of San Pedro hosted by Ellen Berky. Link to directions

A second informal gathering “Remembering Paul” will be held at the Lofts of Marie McGuire 211 N. Alamo St. beginning at 2:30 pm to be hosted by Frank Valdez. Parking is free on N. Alamo and surrounding streets.

Link to directions




Why the Green Party is the imperative party?

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Brana is wrong, facts about the Green Party

Facts: The Green Party has 133 Candidates in office right now. It has a National Committee(legal nightmare to form), it has bylaws, caucus’, a platform, no corporate donors and ballot access in the majority of states. Ranked Choice Voting has been passed in Maine, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Ferndale, Pierce County, Takoma Park, North Carolina, Aspen, Sarasota, Santa Fe, Memphis, Telluride, Saint Paul, San Leandro and Benton County. The Green Party spearheading many of these efforts. We have nominated a woman as our Presidential Nominee twice and a Native American Woman as our Vice Presidential Nominee twice. We have policies. The Green New Deal, National Universal Healthcare, Free College Tuition, Canceling Student Loan Debt, Cutting Military Spending back to Pre-Terror War 2001 levels(by 50%). The Green Party has been trying to “Draft Bernie” since 2011. This effort culminated in a Party Coalition between Socialist Alternative and the Green Party where Kshama Sawant(SA City Council Woman) circulated a petition that collected 150,000 signatures in 2016 to have Bernie join Jill Stein on the Green Party ticket. For openly speaking about this at the People’s Summit 2016 Kshama Sawant and Jill Stein were both excluded from the People’s Summit 2017.

Facts: #DraftBernie is a hashtag and a facebook group with volunteers circulating a petition to see if Democrats think it’s a good idea. They have no Candidates in any states, they have no National Committee, bylaws, caucus’, platform, no official stance on no corporate money, no ballot access in any states, they have not worked to pass Ranked Choice Voting anywhere, they have no original policies just loose reiterations of Bernie Sanders speeches. Their foundation is based solely on the concept that Bernie Sanders will join them which he has repeatedly said he will not in public and on camera.

So what is this about? Is it about #NoMore2PartySystem? Because the Green Party is almost there. Draft Bernie is starting over where the Greens were