Conventions coming up: starting Tues 3/13

If you want to participate in the Green convention process, which is where you get to vote for candidates, etc., in Bexar County, then keep reading.

Precinct conventions are next Tuesday March 13 at 7pm in my driveway (ADA accessible) at 1522 W Elsmere Pl, 78201.  If you want to be a voting delegate at the County Convention, we need to know by the time of the precinct convention so that we can nominate you.  You do not have to attend the precinct convention to be nominated for the county convention.  This is all that really has to happen at the precinct convention. Email or call 210-471-1791 and leave a message if you want to be a county delegate but won’t be able to attend precinct conventions.

If you want to vote on candidates to be placed on the general election ballot, you must be an elected delegate to the county, district or state conventions.

The County conventions will be March 17 from 1-3p in the meeting room at Estela’s Mexican Restaurant, 2200 W Martin.  Here candidates whose districts are fully in Bexar County will be nominated (or not), and delegates to the district and state conventions will be elected.  To repeat, to vote here you must have been elected at the precinct conventions on March 13.  You do not have to be present to be elected as a delegate to the district or state conventions.

District conventions will be March 24 and we’re still figuring out which other counties we need to meet with and how we’ll accomplish that, we’re hoping to use technology here.  Candidates whose districts cross county lines will be nominated (or not) at these conventions.

State convention will be June 9-10. It’s looking like it may be in San Antonio if we can find a location. Here is where statewide candidates are nominated or not, presidential electors are elected, delegates to the national presidential nominating convention are elected, state officers are elected, national committee delegates are elected, and any bylaw changes are voted on.  Platform changes are voted on in odd years only.

If you want to participate at ANY level and can’t attend the convention where you would be elected, then you MUST tell us BEFORE the convention date.

Email or call 210-471-1791 and leave a message as to what you want to be and how to contact you.