About antonio_diaz

I am Indigenous to this area and a life long resident of San Antonio. Attended and Graduated St Philips Nursing Program. Attended and Graduated Texas A&M Electronic Engineering Program .I have been and am an Activist for Indigenous Identity and Human Rights for decades and advocating for Civil Rights has led me to engage the politics affecting the conditions of my surrounding communities.

Bexar County Co-Chair and Dist. 21 U.S. Rep Candidate Antonio Diaz


Lamar Smith wants an investigation on VA not attending Veterans and Active Military health needs . Why did he wait until now to ask for reports on Veterans needing medical service? If elected to serve as U.S Representative in Dist. 21 ,I will not wait for an issue to become a Media hot topic .I will pay attention to the Veterans asking me for help and act as their Representative to resolve their problem.

Children from Central America crossing North into U.S. believing they qualify for Deferred Action for Children seeking Citizenship are met with obstacle after obstacle. I propose we offer true humanitarian help by amending DACA. 1st) remove the 5 year residency prior to June of 2012. 2nd) remove June 15,2012 as deadline for qualifying for Deferred Action and allowing all children on their trail of tears journey to have hopes for a positive outcome for their amazing effort. A Moritorium on Deportation is a good idea but advancing an opportunity for Citizenship is a permanent solution. Remove time constraint from DACA now!