Why the Green Party is the imperative party?

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Brana is wrong, facts about the Green Party

Facts: The Green Party has 133 Candidates in office right now. It has a National Committee(legal nightmare to form), it has bylaws, caucus’, a platform, no corporate donors and ballot access in the majority of states. Ranked Choice Voting has been passed in Maine, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Ferndale, Pierce County, Takoma Park, North Carolina, Aspen, Sarasota, Santa Fe, Memphis, Telluride, Saint Paul, San Leandro and Benton County. The Green Party spearheading many of these efforts. We have nominated a woman as our Presidential Nominee twice and a Native American Woman as our Vice Presidential Nominee twice. We have policies. The Green New Deal, National Universal Healthcare, Free College Tuition, Canceling Student Loan Debt, Cutting Military Spending back to Pre-Terror War 2001 levels(by 50%). The Green Party has been trying to “Draft Bernie” since 2011. This effort culminated in a Party Coalition between Socialist Alternative and the Green Party where Kshama Sawant(SA City Council Woman) circulated a petition that collected 150,000 signatures in 2016 to have Bernie join Jill Stein on the Green Party ticket. For openly speaking about this at the People’s Summit 2016 Kshama Sawant and Jill Stein were both excluded from the People’s Summit 2017.

Facts: #DraftBernie is a hashtag and a facebook group with volunteers circulating a petition to see if Democrats think it’s a good idea. They have no Candidates in any states, they have no National Committee, bylaws, caucus’, platform, no official stance on no corporate money, no ballot access in any states, they have not worked to pass Ranked Choice Voting anywhere, they have no original policies just loose reiterations of Bernie Sanders speeches. Their foundation is based solely on the concept that Bernie Sanders will join them which he has repeatedly said he will not in public and on camera.

So what is this about? Is it about #NoMore2PartySystem? Because the Green Party is almost there. Draft Bernie is starting over where the Greens were