Jill Stein speaks to BCGP & San Antonio

Jill Stein speaks to Bexar County Green Party members at the Friendly Spot in San Antonio,Texas.

Here is the video of Dr. Stein, Green Party Presidential candidate, and her message to the BCGP and persons interested in her message when she visited SA on Oct. 19.  We want to give a Grito to Rachell and Jake Tucker for planning and executing this event.  Special thanks to Andrew  Gonzales for making his first video recording of an event.

The Keystone Fight Was “Won”?

Brief video from 350.org:


The battle is not over but, while all are busy taking credit, it’s appropriate to recognize the years of ceaseless dedication from activists who forced the Democrat Administration to pretend they’ve abandoned the tar-sands enterprise? (Follow the hyperlinks.)

Oct. 31, 2012, Dr. Stein was arrested in Texas while opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline
Now, it’s politically critical to the energy corps for their political lackeys to neutralize Indigenous-based resistance from Alberta down to Steele City, Nebraska. But much of the Indigenous community have clearly signaled they will not be sucked in.
Expressions made during the People’s Climate Strike actions November 26 – December 12 may be of critical importance.
March at Texas State Capitol in Austin, Sun Nov 29, 1:00pm