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Your Bexar County Green Party have opposed the Vista Ridge water privatization scam since its inception a year ago:

IMG_0655 (Greens Yvonne Valdez & Paul Pipkin on right, at City Council with combined opposition to the Vista Ridge water privatization scheme. Oct 30th, 2014)

Read our StatementVista Ridge Statement AUG 2015 

By November 19th, City Council is set to approve the first of the SAWS rate hikes! Join with the growing opposition at the League of Independent Voters’ press event at Noon on Tuesday, Nov 10th–on the steps of old City Hall, 100 Military Plaza, San Antonio.

What you didn’t hear in last night’s debate

Jill 2016

You may hear a lot today about the back and forth of last night’s Democratic Party debate, but let’s talk about what you didn’t hear – and won’t hear – from the Democratic candidates.

Guaranteed jobs for all who need work. 100% clean renewable energy by 2030. Abolishing student debt. Implementing a racial justice action plan to end police brutality, mass incarceration, and institutional racism in education, housing, health and employment.

On issue after issue, we’re calling for the solutions we really need – while the establishment parties are offering either band-aids, or nothing.

Can you contribute today to help me lift up the call for real solutions that Washington politicians won’t touch?

I’ll be on Democracy Now! today to talk about how we are challenging the establishment parties’ silence on crucial life-or-death issues.

Only our campaign is calling for an immediate halt in all new fossil fuel infrastructure and exploration, and an emergency transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030.

Only our campaign is calling for an end to high stakes testing and school privatization.

In foreign policy, only our campaign is calling for an immediate weapons embargo to the to Middle East and an end to drone warfare.

Only our campaign calls for ending financial support for governments violating human rights and committing war crimes, including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

We are the only campaign to call for cutting U.S. military spending at least 50%. And leading on global nuclear disarmament.

On the corporate parties’ debate stages, they may disagree within the narrow boundaries allowed in Washington.

But only our campaign is willing to challenge the deadly bipartisan consensus and put forward an agenda of justice, peace and sustainability that tens of millions of Americans are clamoring for.

Please contribute today to help us get the word out that the American people have a choice in this election that puts people, planet and peace over profit.

Thank you for moving this world-saving, life-changing movement forward.

It’s in our hands!


Campaign Trail

Jill 2016

It’s been a whirlwind on the campaign trail! I wanted to share with a few of the remarkable moments that have left me humbled and honored that the peaceful rebellion has found a home in our campaign.

In California I joined journalist Chris Hedges and Gayle McLaughlin, Green Mayor-turned-City Council Member of Richmond California, for a discussion on “The Moral Imperative of Revolt”. The crowd of hundreds agreed with us wholeheartedly that we have a moral imperative to revolt in the voting booth!

I also met with the organizers of the San Onofre nuclear power plant resistance. They succeeded in getting their nuclear power plant shut down, inspiring communities everywhere threatened by nuclear disaster to do the same. They still have a nuclear waste crisis to deal with, showing yet again why nuclear power is a catastrophe waiting to happen, not a solution to our energy problems. Like so many activists, they too are realizing the only livable future is Green, for our politics as for our energy.

And I had an exciting conversation with Tavis Smiley, which you can see here.

In Washington DC I met with several people on an astounding 18-day water-only fast to demand that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission stop issuing any new permits for the fossil fuel infrastructure causing climate catastrophe. In contrast to the bipartisan consensus of “all of the above”, ours is the only campaign calling for 100% clean renewable energy by 2030 and an immediate halt to all new fossil fuel infrastructure and exploration.

In Baltimore I attended an event to support the inspirational, unstoppable Dr. Margaret Flowers, who recently announced her Green campaign for US Senate in Maryland. Soon after, Margaret was arrested for her courageous protest of the US war crime of bombing the Kunduz Hospital in Afghanistan.

In New York City
 I attended a 10th anniversary gala for the TV station RT, along with Chris Hedges, peace activists Col. Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin, and hip hop artist Immortal Technique. Our Russian friends at the gala were excited about our campaign proposals for US-Russian led initiatives for a weapons embargo to Syria and the Middle East, creating a fossil-fuel-free Arctic Sanctuary, and resuming steps toward nuclear disarmament (sabotaged by the unilateral US withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2000). I also had the honor of speaking briefly with Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

Yanaguana Dignity Day!

The Béxar County Commissioners Court passed a resolution Tuesday morning declaring October 12 as Indigenous Peoples Day.

This is, of course, the day that Christopher Columbus arrived in the Western Hemisphere in 1492 — setting off a chain of events that would devastate Native Americans in the New World.

After years of dedication for recognition of SA’s Indigenous, BCGP cochair, Antonio Diaz, achieved a big victory yesterday. In Béxar County, October 12 will now be recognized. (Viva “Los Verdes de YanaGuana”!)

Indigenous People's Day

The fight is not over, though. City Council still needs to recognize it for San Antonio!

Be sure to come out and celebrate at the annual Indigenous Dignity Day March this Saturday the 10th of Oct.

Rally at Columbus Park 1:00 – 3:30 pm.

March starts 3:30.

Main Plaza program 5:30 – 7:30 pm in front of the old red courthouse.

Monday, October 19th – JILL!

Jill hears & addresses issues in San Antonio. Photo by Joel Mayer

Some press from Dr Stein’s Texas Tour:

Jill Stein Texas Tour: itinerary press release

  November Meeting

Sunday, November 1st, 2015 Time: Due to early voting location, we must meet 4:00pm – 6:00pm at Mission Branch Library, 3134 Roosevelt Avenue SA,TX 78214. (Remember Daylight Savings Time ENDS that morning!)

Open the Debates!!!

Green Party of the United States

Our focus for October is the suit that the Green Party and our 2012 Presidential Candidate Jill Stein,the Libertarian Party, and others filed just this week in U.S. District Court in Washington.

The lawsuit is designed to force the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) to open up the debates to qualified candidates like the GPUS Presidential nominee.

You can count on it: If a Green Presidential candidate stands on the stage with the GOP and Democratic nominees, the discussion will be far, far different than focus-group tested 20 second sound bites!

But we have (as usual) an uphill battle: The Commission has hoodwinked the corporate media and most voters into thinking it’s bipartisan.


The official sounding commission is privately run and funded. It was established in 1987 when the Republicans and Democrats shoved aside the League of Women Voters, the traditional sponsors of the debate.

Now it’s run entirely by Democrats and Republicans hacks, and DESIGNED to freeze out 3rd party candidates… Democrats and Republicans who fight tooth and nail to keep 3rd party candidates out.

In fact, 2012 GPUS Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and VP Candidate Cheri Honkala were ARRESTED for just trying to ATTEND the 2012 debates!


That’s why we’re part of a suit to blast open the doors and open those debates to third party candidates, including the Green Party.

Public pressure to open the debates is gaining momentum!

Here’s the update:

Media attention on the inherent censorship and unfairness of the Commission, including Huffington Post’s coverage of Jill Stein’s recent PBS interview with Tavis Smiley on the lawsuit, is increasing. Here’s a great video clip:

The CPD says they will issue new debate criteria in October. We don’t expect them to open up the debates just yet, but we need to start showing them how many Americans want more voices and choices.