Green Party of Texas

Green Party of Texas

There are two Special Elections going on NOW where there are good people running.  Given the low voter turn out, you can make a huge difference by supporting these two campaigns (one independent and one Green):TX House Dist 17:
Independent Texans founder and water rights activist Linda Curtis is running for this seat.  She is a longtime ally of Travis Greens and we strongly urge you to vote for her in this election. Find out more here!

TX House District 123:

Bexar County Green Party member, Paul Ingmundson, is actively campaigning (again!) for the District 123 seat vacated by Mike Villarreal and would appreciate your support.

A generous offer from another BCGP member will match contributions pledged beforemidnight 12/31/14 to help recover the $750 filing fee which Paul payed in order to be included on the ballot and other campaign costs. 

Contributions can be made at FundRazr and please contact Paul right away if you can help in any way.

Obviously, we will not be able to flood constituents’ mailboxes with full-page, glossy mail-outs as the anointed Democrat has done, so please ask everyone you know who lives in District 123 (central San Antonio) to vote for Paul Ingmundson!

Early voting begins 12/29/14 – please see map of locations.  Special election will be01/06/15.

Please see Paul’s bio / platform below.

Thanks for your support!

Help Paul Bring Political Change to Texas


I’m Paul Ingmundson. I came to San Antonio after I completed my PhD at the University of Texas at Austin.  I am a 30-year resident of District 123, serving our community in science and health care.

Friends in our community have asked me to stand as the Green Party candidate for State Representative in District 123.

Here’s why:

• Climate change is a crisis unfolding in real time. Here in Texas, we are seeing prolonged periods of drought punctuated by more extreme rainfall events. Climate change is causing losses, to property, productivity, and life and limb, right now.


  Recent court decisions have held that the Texas system of school finance is inequitable, inefficient, and violates the State Constitution.  Texas currently ranks 46th of the 50 states in funding for education.  The next legislative session will need to change the funding formula to distribute tax dollars for education.  We need to increase investment in education and assure equal opportunity in school funding.

• Student debt is a growing burden that is crushing young people’s opportunities for social advancement and amplifying the effects of wealth and income inequality.

• We have the resources to address climate changeright here. San Antonio can take the lead in developing the new technologies that will address the problem of climate change.  San Antonio is the home of the Southwest Research Institute, one of the largest Research and Development centers for applied engineering in the United States. San Antonio’s CPS Energy is already developing the Alamo Solar Project. When it’s finished in 2016 it will be the largest municipally owned solar utility in the United States.

• We need to increase funding for education and distribute it in a fair way that maximizes opportunity for all students.

• We need to reduce student debt.  The goal is to make the first 2 years of college free.  Reducing student debt can improve access to higher education, create economic opportunity for all young people. 

p3.gif Neither Republicans nor Democrats in Texas are willing to address these issues.

• We need the political leadership to make it happen.

For more information contact Paul Ingmundson at:

Clean Energy              Public Integrity             Justice for All

In solidarity,

Green Party of Texas

Green Party of Texas · TX, United States


Greens, allies and interested persons,

The Bexar County Green Party’s (BCGP) next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 4, 2015, beginning at 2:00 p.m.-4:00p.m. at the Mission Branch library, 3134 Roosevelt Ave, behind the old Mission Road Drive-In. 

This is a great opportunity to join the Green Party and become involved in promoting an alternative, independent, non-corporate political party in San Antonio.  You are invited to bring your ideas, issues and strategies for building a grassroots movement in the electoral arena to advance social justice, economic democracy, sustainable development and multi-party politics in San Antonio and Texas. 

The BCGP looks forward to building a political party that will sustain a people’s created, led movement to promote political change that empowers the greater good being used as a model for human development.
Click on link below for directions to library.

 Herb Gonzales. Jr., Secretary