Dr Paul Ingmundson for the 123rd Special Election!

–Advocate for policies to address climate change. This is what got me involved in the movement in the first place.

–Support changes to increase funding for education, and assure that funds are distributed in a fair and just way,  Education is the key to social and economic mobility.  Increasing student debt burden, and the defunding of public schools, have been key drivers in amplifying income inequality for the past 40 years.  This has to change.

Advocate for community policing to protect and serve, instead of police state terror to silence and repress, and

–Stand up against corporate welfare that protects special interests rather than promoting the public interest.  Examples of this abound.  The federal budget bill includes language, written by CitiBank lobbyists, that gives the big banks a blank check to gamble with depositors money (your money!), while hedging against losses through FDIC backing.

The Vista Ridge water pipeline, here in San Antonio, manipulates local rate payers into financing a multibillion dollar infrastructure project that purports to safeguard access to water resources that will become increasing scarce as climate change continues. In reality, Vista Ridge will serve the interests of wealthy developers building projects that will continue the endanger the Edwards Aquifer.  Vista Ridge drains the Carrizo Wilcox Aquifer while lining the pockets of developers.  Risks and costs are socialized, while rewards and profits are privatized.   Second verse, same as the first .       

The time to act is now.  
Our future depends on it.
We have climate change.
Now we need political change!


Paul T. Ingmundson, PhD
Green Party Candidate, District 123, Texas House of Representatives

 BCGP Letter Opposing Vista Ridge Pipeline in PDF SAWSletter