Green Party of Texas

Green Party of Texas

There are two Special Elections going on NOW where there are good people running.  Given the low voter turn out, you can make a huge difference by supporting these two campaigns (one independent and one Green):TX House Dist 17:
Independent Texans founder and water rights activist Linda Curtis is running for this seat.  She is a longtime ally of Travis Greens and we strongly urge you to vote for her in this election. Find out more here!

TX House District 123:

Bexar County Green Party member, Paul Ingmundson, is actively campaigning (again!) for the District 123 seat vacated by Mike Villarreal and would appreciate your support.

A generous offer from another BCGP member will match contributions pledged beforemidnight 12/31/14 to help recover the $750 filing fee which Paul payed in order to be included on the ballot and other campaign costs. 

Contributions can be made at FundRazr and please contact Paul right away if you can help in any way.

Obviously, we will not be able to flood constituents’ mailboxes with full-page, glossy mail-outs as the anointed Democrat has done, so please ask everyone you know who lives in District 123 (central San Antonio) to vote for Paul Ingmundson!

Early voting begins 12/29/14 – please see map of locations.  Special election will be01/06/15.

Please see Paul’s bio / platform below.

Thanks for your support!

Help Paul Bring Political Change to Texas


I’m Paul Ingmundson. I came to San Antonio after I completed my PhD at the University of Texas at Austin.  I am a 30-year resident of District 123, serving our community in science and health care.

Friends in our community have asked me to stand as the Green Party candidate for State Representative in District 123.

Here’s why:

• Climate change is a crisis unfolding in real time. Here in Texas, we are seeing prolonged periods of drought punctuated by more extreme rainfall events. Climate change is causing losses, to property, productivity, and life and limb, right now.


  Recent court decisions have held that the Texas system of school finance is inequitable, inefficient, and violates the State Constitution.  Texas currently ranks 46th of the 50 states in funding for education.  The next legislative session will need to change the funding formula to distribute tax dollars for education.  We need to increase investment in education and assure equal opportunity in school funding.

• Student debt is a growing burden that is crushing young people’s opportunities for social advancement and amplifying the effects of wealth and income inequality.

• We have the resources to address climate changeright here. San Antonio can take the lead in developing the new technologies that will address the problem of climate change.  San Antonio is the home of the Southwest Research Institute, one of the largest Research and Development centers for applied engineering in the United States. San Antonio’s CPS Energy is already developing the Alamo Solar Project. When it’s finished in 2016 it will be the largest municipally owned solar utility in the United States.

• We need to increase funding for education and distribute it in a fair way that maximizes opportunity for all students.

• We need to reduce student debt.  The goal is to make the first 2 years of college free.  Reducing student debt can improve access to higher education, create economic opportunity for all young people. 

p3.gif Neither Republicans nor Democrats in Texas are willing to address these issues.

• We need the political leadership to make it happen.

For more information contact Paul Ingmundson at:

Clean Energy              Public Integrity             Justice for All

In solidarity,

Green Party of Texas

Green Party of Texas · TX, United States


Greens, allies and interested persons,

The Bexar County Green Party’s (BCGP) next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 4, 2015, beginning at 2:00 p.m.-4:00p.m. at the Mission Branch library, 3134 Roosevelt Ave, behind the old Mission Road Drive-In. 

This is a great opportunity to join the Green Party and become involved in promoting an alternative, independent, non-corporate political party in San Antonio.  You are invited to bring your ideas, issues and strategies for building a grassroots movement in the electoral arena to advance social justice, economic democracy, sustainable development and multi-party politics in San Antonio and Texas. 

The BCGP looks forward to building a political party that will sustain a people’s created, led movement to promote political change that empowers the greater good being used as a model for human development.
Click on link below for directions to library.

 Herb Gonzales. Jr., Secretary

Another County heard from…

 As I write to you on Christmas eve, I am asking for your help after Christmas to make this specially called election in the middle of the holidays Rick Perry’s worst blunder since the Trans-Texas Corridor. He opened the door for voters to unite across party lines to put an independent in the Texas House (HD 17) — that would be me, Linda Curtis.I most need your help to reach voters before and during early voting, which starts onMonday, December 29th! Election day is January 6th.Come to my Bastrop event on Sunday, Dec. 28, 4 to 6 pm at Neighbor’s (formerly Bastrop Brewhouse, 601 Chestnut — on the Colorado River next to Wells Fargo Bank.) Apologies if this conflicts with other events — we tried to rearrange but couldn’t — so come when you can.Can’t make it? Call me or reply to this message.You can now contribute, preferably online on this webpage — see the DONATE button.Merry Christmas y’all from me, Miss Penny and Mr. Boo from the piney woods of Bastrop.Independently yours,Linda Curtis
Independent Texans
PO Box 651 * Bastrop, TX 78602
512-535-0989 home office * 512-657-2089 cell

PS We had a lovely event in Giddings last night. I especially want to thank my friend and campaign treasurer, Gary Gerdes and his lovely wife Dorothey for their help. I have come to love the good people of Lee County, ground zero for the water grabs.

Endorsements at:

Independent spokesperson & Vista Ridge opponent, Linda Curtis of Bastrop, filed just before the deadline in the Special Election for the 17th TX Rep Dist. The 17th, comprised of Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales, & Karnes Counties, represents the front line of the Water Wars.
​(The 13th, to the east, is also significant as those counties represent the ultimate sources of much of the water.)
“I’m running not only to defend our water, our property rights and local control. I’m mad as all get out that the Governor is pulling this election in the middle of the holidays and that Tim Kleinschmidt abandoned District 17 — on the heels of selling us and our water out,” Curtis said.
Linda will be chiefly contending against John Cyrier (“seareeyay” of Caldwell Co, the Republican establishment lackey). Also Brent Goleman, a far-right anti-choice entusiast + Democrat Ty McDonald and Shelley Cartier, who will probably run little more than a FB campaign.

Dr Paul Ingmundson for the 123rd Special Election!

–Advocate for policies to address climate change. This is what got me involved in the movement in the first place.

–Support changes to increase funding for education, and assure that funds are distributed in a fair and just way,  Education is the key to social and economic mobility.  Increasing student debt burden, and the defunding of public schools, have been key drivers in amplifying income inequality for the past 40 years.  This has to change.

Advocate for community policing to protect and serve, instead of police state terror to silence and repress, and

–Stand up against corporate welfare that protects special interests rather than promoting the public interest.  Examples of this abound.  The federal budget bill includes language, written by CitiBank lobbyists, that gives the big banks a blank check to gamble with depositors money (your money!), while hedging against losses through FDIC backing.

The Vista Ridge water pipeline, here in San Antonio, manipulates local rate payers into financing a multibillion dollar infrastructure project that purports to safeguard access to water resources that will become increasing scarce as climate change continues. In reality, Vista Ridge will serve the interests of wealthy developers building projects that will continue the endanger the Edwards Aquifer.  Vista Ridge drains the Carrizo Wilcox Aquifer while lining the pockets of developers.  Risks and costs are socialized, while rewards and profits are privatized.   Second verse, same as the first .       

The time to act is now.  
Our future depends on it.
We have climate change.
Now we need political change!


Paul T. Ingmundson, PhD
Green Party Candidate, District 123, Texas House of Representatives

 BCGP Letter Opposing Vista Ridge Pipeline in PDF SAWSletter

Lima, Peru

Global Climate Convergence for People. Planet, Peace over Profit In the first photo below, the GCC’s Roshan Bliss stands on the far left holding the Alliance for Global Justice banner. In the second photo, GCC member Jill Stein stands between two Peruvian friends holding a banner that reads: “Alliance for Global Justice: In Favor of Earth, Against Imperialism.”

For whom the bell tolls…?

Breaking: First Vista Ridge Councilmember defeated!

December 10, 2014

Remember Vista Ridge Coalition Gave Warrick a Hand

A funny thing happened last night in the District City Council 2 runoff between Interim District 2 Councilmember, Keith Toney and challenger Alan Warrick. Toney, who was just appointed to fill the seat left vacated when Ivy Taylor became the interim Mayor, lost by 9 percentage points.

The San Antonio Police Officers Association PAC endorsed Warrick in the runoff, hit the streets going door to door, sent out mailers and made phone calls. Tyrone Darden, who came in third in the first round of voting, also endorsed Warrick.

And, an informal group of citizens calling themselves the “Remember Vista Ridge Coalition”, called a prime list of 1000 likely voters. They asked them to give Toney his walking papers for having voted for the $3.4 billion Vista Ridge water “grab” last October as a giveaway to real estate developers and forcing San Antonio ratepayers to take a 16% rate hike to pay for it. The group consisted of three members of the Bexar County Green Party (Paul Pipkin, Rachell Tucker and Yvonne Valdez), District 7 resident and political activist, Roger Singler and Linda Curtis of Bastrop. Curtis lives in the area of the aquifer that is slated to transfer its water 142-miles down the Vista Ridge pipeline…

LA to SA to NYC…

North Star Die-in 12-13-14:

BCGP co-chair Rachell Tucker (r) at NorthStar

#‎SATX4Justice Town Hall meeting hosted at UTSA –
The “former Black Panther” cited was, of course, Dr Mario Salas (also former SA City Councilman). Rachell Tucker & Paul Pipkin of Bexar Co Green Party also attended.

A day after San Antonians protested in solidarity over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, San Antonio students are taking their stand against police brutality a step further.

Every Town Has A Mike Brown


With the national spotlight focused on police violence over the last few months, it’s clear that every town has a Michael Brown.

As more tragic stories unfold, a pattern seems to emerge of police demonizing their victims. Whether it’s Darren Wilson literally saying Mike Brown “looked like a Demon” or claiming that the victim reached for a gun, the story is eerily similar across the country. Ezell Ford, Marquise Jones, and Cameron Redus all have similar stories, according to police.

Ezell Ford Ezell Ford

Two LAPD officers in South Los Angeles killed Ezell Ford two days after Darren Wilson killed Mike Brown. According to police, Ford was approached during an investigative stop (Why was he walking down the street?). At some point in his questioning, Ford tackled one officer and the other shot him, and the tackled officer used his back up firearm to shoot Ford because Ford made a grab for his gun.

Eyewitnesses tell a different story. According to eyewitnesses, Ford was rushed by police with guns drawn and told to lay on the ground. After complying, one officer yelled “Shoot Him” and Ford was shot in the back three times as he lay on the ground.

One community member recorded the shooting, including the ambulance response time, but his mobile phone was taken by police. Community members described Ford as slow, mentally handicapped, and a nice person. It is said that Ford’s mental handicap was well known in the community and everyone would help take care of him. His parents would give him money from time to time and he would walk to the store to buy snacks. But in a statement released to local media, police suggested Ford violently attacked police and might have unspecified gang ties. One eye witness account can be seen above.

Marquise Jones Marquise Jones

Marquise Jones was killed in the parking lot of a popular 24 hours diner in San Antonio, Texas on February 28, 2014. An argument had broken out after a fender bender and a uniformed off-duty police officer working security started to investigate.

According to SAPD Police Chief William McManus, describing what the officer saw, “He sees the passenger in the vehicle fidgeting around reaching for something toward his waistband, orders him to stop,” he explained. “He gets out of the car and pulls a gun on the officer. The officer fires multiple times. The suspect runs.”

Police claim that Jones’ handgun was found “nearby.”

Jones’ sister, Whitney, who was in the car with him said she told him that everything would be okay, but he decided to take off, not wanting anything to do with the situation.

“He had no gun in his hand. No gun in his hand,” Whitney insisted.  “He opened the car door with two hands. He closed it with two hands.”

Autopsy reports show that Jones was shot in the back and, according to the Jones family, the police report never mentions a gun. The Jones family insist that Marquise just wanted to get away from the situation after hearing how the officer spoke with the driver of the vehicle, and that he only lived a few blocks away and was trying to go home. The shooter, Officer Robert Encina, was previously suspended for forty-five day for trying to fight black customers while we worked security at another late night diner; he appeared to be drunk at the time.

Cameron Redus Cameron Redus

Cameron Redus drove home drunk one night in December 2013. He was followed by University of Incarnate Word Campus Police Officer Chris Carter, and was pulled over in the parking lot of his apartment complex in San Antonio.

Redus, attempted to walk up to his apartment, and according to Officer Carter, he told Redus more than fifty times to comply with his orders. Redus then struggled with the officer for his baton and Redus struck the officer twice with his own baton saying “What are you gonna do? Shoot me?”

Witnesses confirm the verbal altercation, but not the baton struggle. According to autopsy reports Carter shot Redus at close range five times, firing six shots total, and the bullet that entered Redus left eye did so at an angle that would imply Carter was standing over Redus at the time. Some of the bullet entry sites had stippling or powder burns. Redus was shot in the left arm, left eye, right hip, and back.

A diverse crowd of protesters in winter clothes. Signs: A Person Is A Person, Black Lives Matter.Eric Garner and Michael Brown Ferguson protests in Seattle on 12/6/14. (scottlum / Flickr)

All of these cases are questionable at best, outright murder at worst. Witness accounts contradict the police, and police statements made to media sometimes contradict the police reports filed. In the worst of these scenarios, police statements to media have information in them that have no place in the investigation, like in Ezell Fords case when the police said it is unclear if Ford had any “gang affiliations,” and in Marquise Jones’ case when the Police Chief said he pulled a gun on Encina.

Or in the case of Akai Gurley who was accidentally shot by NYPD in the stairwell of his apartment building, media reports said, “he had a criminal record, NYPD accidentally shoots man.” Why would they say these things, if not to discredit the victim’s value? Police try to make it seem like the victim’s life was a waste and that society is better off without him.

For all the differences between these three cases — whether it be location, class, or race — one thing is the same: witnesses to the shootings say there was no violence on the victim’s part and the police say that they feared for their lives.

It seems that police have a game plan when they kill someone — a plan to paint the victim as violent, dangerous, and scary. The police use this plan to get away with murder. In all three of these cases, the investigations are still pending and the police officers are still employed, getting paid with the tax dollars of the families and communities from which they’ve taken so much.

We must ask our elected officials and police leaders if there is a playbook the police use to get away with murder? Community members in San Antonio claim the SAPD have a rapid response team that checks into the backgrounds of every shooting victim and the people around them. Their task is to justify each police shooting regardless of the situation. This may be backed up by the amount of police who respond to officer involved shootings before an ambulance even shows up.

Police are getting away with killing people every day, even when everything is caught on camera like in Eric Garner’s case.

We need to find new ways to hold police accountable for their actions. When we hold police to a higher standard, it does not include the right to kill with impunity.

About The Author
Matthew Lerma
Matthew Lerma
Matthew Lerma is a seasoned community organizer and stands in solidarity with Labor. He is also an advocate for fast food workers in their struggle for a Living Wage of $15 a hour.

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