Recap Mid-terms

 Statewide judicial candidates Chisholm, Sanders-Castro & Altgelt each garnered @ 9-10%, well beyond the 5% threshold. 2016 Texas Ballot Access is secured. 

 Bexar totals are complete though unofficial. Expect very minor adjustments & precinct breakdowns within the week.
 Two Candidates of Distinction:
 Antonio Diaz

U. S. Representative District 21
Lamar Smith – Incumbent REP 82,196 73.32% 135,513 71.78%
Ryan Shields LIB 13,636 12.16% 25,483 13.49%
Antonio Diaz GRN 16,272 14.51% 27,782 14.71% 

“Congratulations to Antonio Diaz for a very strong showing . Lamar Smith is a climate skeptic and, as the Chair of the House Science and Technology Committee, he will continue to be in a powerful position to block any progress on climate change issues. The policies Smith and his House colleagues advocate will have catastrophic consequences for our nation and for the planet, and are going to be matters of national and international concern in the next two years.  We need to continue to highlight Congressman Smith’s leadership failures, and provide the people of district 21 with an alternative voice. ” — wrote Paul Ingmundson

 Paul Ingmundson

State Representative District 123
Mike Villarreal – Incumbent DEM 12,205 86.21% 20,171 86.27%
Paul Ingmundson GRN 1,951 13.78% 3,210 13.72%
Expect ongoing contests with the ambitious Mr Villareal, bogus “environmentalist”. Villareal showed his true colors a year ago, pandering for his slice from the “Prop 6” Pork Barrel. Any who don’t recall that prelude to Vista Ridge, Review…
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