Meaning of Ferguson


(from last Wednesday’s podcast–Glen Ford on Black Agenda Radio)

“…as the decade of the Seventies began, mass Black incarceration became the universal policy of the United States – north, south, east and west. A new class of Black politicians filled the void that police repression had created. These were men and women who were quite amenable to corporate rule and made comfortable homes in the Democratic Party. Even as the prison population rose to nine times 1970 levels, the Black Misleadership Class blissfully celebrated its own upward mobility.

“Meanwhile, the Mass Incarceration State consumed millions of Black lives and consigned most Black communities to Constitution-free zones, where young Blacks could be arrested for nothing, or shot down in the streets with impunity, as was Michael Brown, and as happens to other young Blacks every day of the year.

The people who rule America no longer need Black labor. What they do need is a class that is forcibly anchored at the bottom of U.S. society, who can be scapegoated for whatever is wrong with America, and whose very presence serves as an excuse for massive urban dislocation and the steady erosion of civil liberties. Michael Brown and countless others have died in order to keep America deeply stratified. That’s the only use the United States has for young Black men.”

Figure that Glen Ford or other BAR personnel may have gone to Ferguson. Another podcast posted tomorrow Wednesday. Meanwhile:

“Timcast” is actually best when up. But Tim Pool, Alice Speri & Claire Ward may also be found thru “Vice News” youtube channel. Switching the streams in the VN studio is Nathan Grant, another former Occupy streamer. Find today’s VN Ferguson stream at:

Expect they’ll be on the street every night for the duration.

As I figured:

Rosa Clemente: On the Ground In Ferguson MO

Submitted by Rosa Clemente on Wed, 08/20/2014 – 14:57

Ferguson Dispatch #1

by Rosa Alicia Clemente &

…a personal account of a terrifying moment in Ferguson.  It is chilling and should be talked about.  Rosa was Green party Vice-Presidential candidate in 2008. — from Herb Gonzales