District 123–It’s a Contested Seat, Mr. Villarreal


AUGUST 25, 2014
Paul Ingmundson is a San Antonio sleep disorder specialist running as a Green Party candidate for HD 123. Photo via Alamo Sleep Disorders Center website

In my efforts to explain the intricacies of Texas’ special-election law last week, I regretfully overlooked the fact that State Rep. Mike Villarreal does in fact have an opponent for his House District 123 seat on the Nov. 4 ballot: Green Party candidate Paul Ingmundson. 

I caught up with Ingmundson today about why he’s running and the issues he feels most passionately about…

Read more from SA Current: http://blogs.sacurrent.com/thedaily/green-party-candidate-also-running-for-texas-hd-123/

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Viva Partido Verde del Condado de Webb!

(Laredo) The names on the ballot for District 8 are set. No new names were added which means there are 4 candidates vying for the seat.
They are Rachel Ibarra, Vicky Garcia, Jose Maldonado, and Roberto Balli.
The green party announced two new candidates. Jesse Herrera will be running for District 6 against incumbent Charlie San Miguel and Erika Martinez will be running for Webb County Commissioner for Precinct 1 against Frank Sciraffa. Both candidates say this is the first time they have run for office and says it’s time to give voters a voice.


Webb County (Texas) Green Party selects candidate Erika Martinez to run for Pct. 1 County Commissioner in November. The seat recently opened up when the previous Commissioner resigned after pleading guilty to bribery.
Run with Erika 2014 
Erika will face the Democratic candidate, another former county commissioner, who is alleged in a current sexual harassment lawsuit to have forced one or more female county employees to have sex with him as a condition of their employment while he was a Commissioner.

So many reasons to Go GREEN in 2014! 

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Meaning of Ferguson


(from last Wednesday’s podcast–Glen Ford on Black Agenda Radio)

“…as the decade of the Seventies began, mass Black incarceration became the universal policy of the United States – north, south, east and west. A new class of Black politicians filled the void that police repression had created. These were men and women who were quite amenable to corporate rule and made comfortable homes in the Democratic Party. Even as the prison population rose to nine times 1970 levels, the Black Misleadership Class blissfully celebrated its own upward mobility.

“Meanwhile, the Mass Incarceration State consumed millions of Black lives and consigned most Black communities to Constitution-free zones, where young Blacks could be arrested for nothing, or shot down in the streets with impunity, as was Michael Brown, and as happens to other young Blacks every day of the year.

The people who rule America no longer need Black labor. What they do need is a class that is forcibly anchored at the bottom of U.S. society, who can be scapegoated for whatever is wrong with America, and whose very presence serves as an excuse for massive urban dislocation and the steady erosion of civil liberties. Michael Brown and countless others have died in order to keep America deeply stratified. That’s the only use the United States has for young Black men.”


Figure that Glen Ford or other BAR personnel may have gone to Ferguson. Another podcast posted tomorrow Wednesday. Meanwhile:


“Timcast” is actually best when up. But Tim Pool, Alice Speri & Claire Ward may also be found thru “Vice News” youtube channel. Switching the streams in the VN studio is Nathan Grant, another former Occupy streamer. Find today’s VN Ferguson stream at:


Expect they’ll be on the street every night for the duration.

As I figured:

Rosa Clemente: On the Ground In Ferguson MO

Submitted by Rosa Clemente on Wed, 08/20/2014 – 14:57

Ferguson Dispatch #1

by Rosa Alicia Clemente

http://blackagendareport.com/node/14364 &


…a personal account of a terrifying moment in Ferguson.  It is chilling and should be talked about.  Rosa was Green party Vice-Presidential candidate in 2008. — from Herb Gonzales


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Next meeting: Sunday, September 7, 2014
Times: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
At Mission Branch Library 3134 Roosevelt Avenue SA,TX 78214
We meet on the first Sunday of each month.

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Global Climate Convergence ( http://globalclimateconvergence.org/ ) will begin with the opening plenary on Friday, Sept.19th followed by a full day of panels and workshops the following day. Featured plenary speaker on Friday will be Oscar Oliveraone of the main leaders of the protesters against the water privatization in Bolivia. 
Spotlight on NYC Climate Convergence Speakers
Erica Violet Lee
Erica Violet Lee 
Erica Violet Lee is a student activist and organizer with Idle No More. Idle No More calls for everyone to, “join in a peaceful revolution to honour indigenous sovereignty and to protect the land and water.” Lee describes herself as an indigenous feminist and speaks about how being active is more than something people do as a hobby on the side – it is critical to survival. The idea that the lives of some matter less than the lives of others is the foundation of her activism. Erica Violet Lee will be the opening speaker at the Friday night plenary on September 19, 2014.
Oscar Olivera
Oscar Olivera
Oscar Olivera is a labor leader who led the demands for public, local control of the water in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba when the government privatized the water system in 1999. As the spokesperson for the Coalition in Defense of Water and Life (known as La Coordinadora) Olivera was forced into hiding when the Bolivian government brutally cracked down on thousands of citizens protesting, but he came out of hiding to negotiate with the government. Through these negotiations, La Coordinadora was able to score the first ever victory of the people against the trend of water privatization happening on a global scale.
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Right of Migration

August 14thGreen for Congress (21st Dist) Antonio Diaz in front of Sunset Station. Crisis at  the Border Immigration Forum. Centro American children are Indigenous and have Right of Migration.
Raising my hand to speak, I as always reminded all that we are Indigenous People, and the children from Centro America  are not Aliens or Illegals because they are Colonized Indigenous People with Right of Migration