BCGP Resolutions Regarding Refugee Children

Bexar Greens Resolution on Refugees

Whereas, a recent influx of children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras has caused overcrowding at ICE detention facilities and,
whereas, these refugees are seeking asylum due to severe economic and political problems caused by U.S. Foreign and Trade policies, and to escape rampant violence,
whereas, these minor aged refugees face imminent death if deported home,
Let it be resolved that the Bexar County Green Party calls upon President Obama to use his power of Executive Order to grant these refugees immediate asylum to stay in the United States.
Let it further be resolved that the Bexar County Green Party calls upon the federal government to provide competent legal representation to these children facing imminent deportation.

Resolution submitted by Frank Valdez, adopted July 9th, 2014

Bexar Greens Oppose Weakening of Trafficking Victims Protection Re-authorization Act 2008
Whereas the flood of undocumented children entering the United States has reached a crest in recent months; and
whereas the countries of origin of the majority of these children are Central American countries which are undergoing civilian unrest, militarization, and leadership instability, and are far from the US border; and
whereas most of these children pass through the Mexico – US border into Texas and are detained in makeshift holding facilities in this state; and
whereas elected officials, both of the federal government and the state of Texas, have historically demonstrated non-partisan, sometimes unanimous, concern for children by establishing laws designed to protect these most vulnerable of human beings; and
whereas President Obama, Representative Cuellar, and other elected officials have proposed rewriting provisions of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2008 with the intent to expedite deportation of children from countries not contiguous to the US on the same basis as children whose country of origin is Mexico or Canada.
whereas the care of undocumented children is currently assigned to the US Secretary of Health and Human Services who is charged with the duty to provide protections for children who may be subject to special danger as a consequence of repatriation or being released on their own recognizance;
Be it therefore resolved that the Bexar County Green Party calls upon elected officials to enforce and adequately fund, rather than weaken, federal and state statutes which exist for the purpose of protecting children from human trafficking whether perpetrated by domestic or foreign entities.
Be it further resolved that we urge that TVPRA Section 235 – Enhancing Efforts to Combat the Trafficking of Children – remain intact with respect to its provision that children from countries not bordering on the US continue to be referred to Sylvia Mathews Burwell, US Secretary of Health and Human Services, as a pre-condition to the determination of repatriation eligibility.
Be it further resolved that we call upon the Secretary of Health and Human Services to ‘ensure’, as provided by US immigration law and Section 235 of TVPRA-2008, that “all unaccompanied alien children who are or have been in the custody… have counsel to represent them in legal proceedings or matters and protect them from mistreatment, exploitation, and trafficking”; and further, “make every effort to utilize the services of pro bono counsel who agree to provide representation to such children without charge,” as well as provide additional funding for legal counsel as necessary to ensure adequate representation.
Be it further resolved that we call upon the officials of the state of Texas to do all in their power likewise to protect children, regardless of their country of origin, from “mistreatment, exploitation, and trafficking” by funding and implementing statutory remedies for the victims of human trafficking to the fullest extent provided by state and federal law.
Resolution submitted by Ellen Berky, adopted July 11th, 2014


Bexar Greens Support Safe Haven and Just Disposition of Children Fleeing Abuse and Violence


Whereas, the increased influx of Undocumented Children and Families is considered a Humanitarian Crisis by the U.S. Administration; and
whereas the U.S. Administration is seeking to amend and end a provision in the 2008 TVPRA law that allows unaccompanied Undocumented Children and Families an automatic appearance before an Immigration Judge; and
whereas the United Nations is calling for changes to terminology in International Law in order to give Refugee Status to Children and Families who are fleeing in fear of the extremely violent environments in their Nation State of origin; and
whereas Legal Advocacy Groups are suing the U.S. government for denying Undocumented Children and Families Due Process by not providing them with legal representation; and
whereas Immigration Reform Bills S-744 and H.R.15 are stalled in Congress; and
whereas we must ensure that unaccompanied children, the most vulnerable among us, are treated fairly during their Immigration Court proceedings;
Let it be resolved that the  Bexar County Green Party encourages Congress to enact without delay H.R. 4936, the Vulnerable Immigrant Voice Act 2014, which requires the Attorney General of the United States to appoint legal representation for Undocumented Unaccompanied Children and Mentally Incapacitated Immigrants.
Resolution submitted by Antonio Diaz, adopted July 11th, 2014

Los niños de la frontera

y en San Antonio de Béxar

Green Shadow Cabinet


It’s Not the Children’s Fault  Thursday, July 3, 2014

Recent news headlines report that unaccompanied children, toddlers to 17 year olds, are crossing the U.S.-Mexico Border in the thousands. President Obama has called it an “an urgent humanitarian situation.” Blogs are exploding ranging from humanitarian concern to xenophobic hateful comments. Militia groups have made a call to action (once again) to guard the U.S.-Mexico border, while others are calling for the U.S. military to be sent.  

This 4th of July

How many people will be deported on the ‘Nation of Immigrants’ Birthday?

On the 4th of July, in 2012, at a naturalization ceremony for new Americans, President Barack Obama – seeking a second term in office, called for immigration reform, saying “We have to remain a nation of immigrants”.
This 4th of July, the United States remains paralysed as Republicans and the President both claim one another are ‘playing politics’ with this issue, both trying to gain the cover of bi-partisanship – so as not to be blamed for any future failings of the system.
We need more courage in our politics. That starts by naming the root cause at hand. This is the global corporate exploitation of people and the environment coming home to roost. And as inequality within the U.S. wrecks the middle class and squeezes the working class and poor, the frustration creates fertile ground for those who would deflect the blame from the real culprits and causes, instead blaming the victims.