The Bexar County Green Party next general membership meeting is scheduled for Sunday, December 1, 2013 at the Mission Branch Library,3134 Roosevelt Ave, beginning at 2:00-4:00 p.m.

This meeting is important to all persons interested in filing as a Green candidate for the 2014 State elections.  It is crucial that all potential,possible candidates and political associates be made aware of this opportunity to file to be a candidate for state offices such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Land commissioner, Railroad commissioner ,numerous statewide judicial seats, state Representatives and Senators and local county offices. 

This is the time to step into the mode of speaking to the issues of creating a  just and sustainable economic vision and making democracy work in our State.  This is another time of stating what will promote the General Welfare of the peoples of Texas.  Join the Bexar County Green Party to present an alternative to the let oil and leave it be mentality dominate our political will and independence.  Please click for map to Library. 
— Herb Gonzales, BCGP secretary

The Eagle Ford Comes to Bexar

Above: The aftermath of an large explosion near Gillett, Karnes Co, Texas, on Oct. 8, 2013. — KENS Chopper 5 photo (Rumor of yet another disposal well explosion last week in Dimmit Co–that story has gone down the memory-hole quick-like.)

OR: Should one ask, will Manchester come to San Antonio?

Check out the proposed pipeline from Eagle Ford Shale (specifically Karnes City in Karnes Co) to the Calumet plant on the Southside, so they can increase their refining at that plant. They’ve been refining fracked oil/gas at that refinery since late last year, hauling it by truck.

This is the refinery in the 7800 block of S Presa, just south of SE Military Dr & just east of the San Jose Cemetery that most recently exploded back in 2010. NuStar (a Valero spin-off) then sold it to Calumet early this year. 

The concern is that we are witnessing the first stage of Southside SA retooled into another Houston East End energycorp cesspool.

Even so, it might not be first a City issue. Applying logic to the players engaged, one can as easily project the new pipeline terminating around the “Elmendorf” crude oil tank facility–whence crude oil is already piped to the refinery.

Bexar County Commissioners Court must be held accountable for facilitating a Southside SACRIFICE ZONE.  

  THE 2014 FILING PERIOD IS UNDERWAY. DEADLINE IS 6:00 PM on DEC 9th. See Prospective 2014 Candidates 

  Students United for Socioeconomic Justice present “Gasland II“, 6:00pm Tue, Nov 19th: UTSA Main Campus, University Center Denman Room (UC 2.01.28)

Meet the Greens

Los Verdes de San Antonio de Bexar 2012 candidates.

Bexar County Green Party By-laws as amended & appended Bylaws.BCGP

YES! You can stand for public office in 2014! A notary will be available & filing forms will be accepted:

 BCGP Dec 1st  candidate filing meeting:

Mission Branch Library, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

3134 Roosevelt Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78214

Breaking News, Tue, Nov 5:

SAN ANTONIO — During a marathon meeting Tuesday, Bexar County commissioners opted to help fund a downtown medical school, redraw precinct boundaries for justices of the peace and constables and start the process to appoint two part-time justices of the peace and one full-time judge to replace one seeking a higher office.

Commissioners voted 4-1 to change the shape of its four justice of the peace and constable precincts and to set a timetable to fill vacancies caused by the redistricting. Initially, Pct. 4 Commissioner Tommy Adkisson abstained from voting on the changes — which commissioners have been mulling for months and will take effect at midnight Friday — but he changed his mind during discussion.

“There’s just no time, here, to vet this properly, so I haven’t voted on any of these,” he said. “I wish we had more time. For the record, I vote ‘no.’”

The boundaries will now mimic commissioners precincts, which are redistricted based on the U.S. Census every 10 years. Eventually, each will have one full-time and one part-time judge, but one precinct will have two full-time judges until 2016.

Of the existing five full-time and one part-time judges, three will complete their terms in a different precinct from the one they were elected to serve. Pct. 1 Judge Monica Lisa Caballero will now serve in Precinct 2, which will have two full-time judges until her term ends in three years. 

Story was updated, adding:
Pct. 4 Commissioner Tommy Adkisson at first abstained from voting on redistricting — which will take effect at midnight Friday — but during discussion, he changed his vote to “no.” 
“My biggest concern is that the public should be more involved,” he said after the vote. “There are a lot of people that use our JP system.” 
Of the existing six justices, five full-time and one part-time, three will complete their terms in a different precinct from the one they were elected to serve. 
Pct. 1 Judge Monica Lisa Caballero now will serve in Precinct 2, which will have two full-time judges until her term ends in 2016. After that, all precincts each will have one full-time and one part-time judge…
Under the new precinct plan, there no longer will be a JP in the downtown area, and a new Pct. 1 office will open at 3505 Pleasanton Road next Tuesday, after the Veterans Day holiday. For at least a week, a shuttle will transport residents who show up at the former downtown office to the new location. 
Applications to fill the two part-time JP positions, which pay $45,560 each, are being accepted until Nov. 12, but commissioners said they’d only consider candidates who won’t run next year for a four-year term on the bench.