Prospective 2014 Candidates

 For the 2014 General Election Ballot:
NOBODY yet to challenge Cornyn for SENATOR? Does ANYBODY want to stand for CONGRESS, 20th, 35th Districts? We don’t know who MIGHT file for State offices. We are TOLD someone will file for Gov–challenge fracking Wendy Davis, utterly inadequate opposition to Corporate Powertool Greg Abbott  
No Green for Attny General, no Comptroller, no Ag Comm, no RR Comm. From Bexar, Fidel Castillo has expressed interest in Land Comm. (We hear there ARE a couple of candidates for State judicial benches.)  
BCGP candidates filed so far include:
Antonio Diaz for US Representative 21st Cong District
Pancho Valdez for State Rep. Dist. 123 (thaz ONE state rep seat out of TEN)
Paul Pipkin for Bexar County Judge  
Diana Kendall for Justice of the Peace  (JP2 place3 bench)
YES, it’s NOW time for You to consider filing as a Green Candidate for the Bexar County General Election Ballot!😀 See Bexar Ballot 2014
A candidate’s completed application for nomination (SoS AW2-8) must be signed & NOTARIZED & filed with a BCGP co-chair. 
The filing deadline is 6 p.m. on Dec 9, 2013
At that hour, all valid notarized applications must be in the possession of the county cochair(s). He/she must transmit the information (an Excel spreadsheet suggested) to the GPTX cochairs & the office of the SoS not later than 10 days after the filing deadline. (By Dec 19, 2013) (Full name, ballot name, office sought, district, date filed, residence, mailing address, dob, occupation, email, phone, length of continuous residence in state, county, and district/precinct.)
Seems like the State has thrown a ringer:


Nomination by Convention Method

The procedure for nominating minor party candidates by convention is governed by Chapter 181 of the Texas Election Code.  Tex. Elec. Code Ann. § 181.001.  To be considered for nomination by a convention, a candidate, for an office other than president and vice-president of the United States, must make an application for nomination.  Id. § 181.031(a).  The application must be filed no later than 6:00 p.m. on December 9, 2013, preceding the minor party’s convention.  Id. § 181.033.  Candidates seeking nomination for a state or district office must file with the state party chair.  Id. § 181.032(a)(1).  Candidates for county or precinct offices must file applications with the county party chair.  Id. § 181.032(a)(2).  The state and county chairs must file a list of candidates with the Secretary of State not later than 10 days after the filing deadline.  Id. § 181.032(b).

Of further interest:

Minor parties nominating by convention must hold the following conventions: precinct conventions on the second Tuesday in March (i.e., March 11, 2014); county conventions on the first Saturday after the second Tuesday in March (i.e., March 15, 2014); district conventions on the second Saturday after the second Tuesday in March (i.e., March 22, 2014); and state conventions on the second Saturday in April (i.e., April 12, 2014).  Id. § 181.061.  The chair of each convention will certify the nominees to the county election officer (county or precinct offices) or the Secretary of State (district or statewide offices) not later than 20 days after each corresponding convention.  Id.§ 181.068…

Once a minor party is on the general election ballot, the party is entitled to have the names of its nominees placed on the ballot, without meeting the petition requirements, in each subsequent general election following a general election in which the party’s nominee for statewide office received at least five percent of the vote for that office.  Id.§ 181.005(b).  For the 2014 general election, the Libertarian Party and the Green Party are entitled to have their nominees on the 2014 general election ballot.

Financial Disclosure Requirements

Under Title 15 of the Code, candidates must file campaign contribution and expenditure reports.  For further information and all questions about such disclosure filings, campaign finance, and political advertising, please contact the Texas Ethics Commission at 201 E. 14th, 10th Floor, Austin, Texas 78701, P.O. Box 12070, Austin, Texas 78711-2070 (or call 512-463-5800 or visit its website at  Candidates filing for federal offices should contact the Federal Elections Commission toll-free at 1-800-424-9530 or visit its website at

A W2-8 Nomination form SOS.pdf 
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Financial Filings:
While NOT a legal responsibility of the Party, BCGP would be derelict if we did not advise candidates as to the necessary financial filing requirements:
“Federal”, ie Senatorial or US Congressional candidates, have no such responsibilities UNTIL they raise or spend more than $5000. THEN, they must report EVERYTHING. Contact the Federal Elections Commission toll-free at 1-800-424-9530 or visit its website at
State & County candidates:
1) “Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer” (TX Ethics Comm form CTA) Candidates may file at any time they commence active campaigning, but MUST file within three days following nomination by a County Convention.
OF PARTICULAR NOTE: Candidates should be sure to sign Page 2 of the CTA, “Modified Reporting”, which may exempt those who raise or spend less than $500 from quarterly reports.
State candidates (inc state representative candidates) may mail the CTA form (notary not required) with the Texas Ethics Commission in Austin)
County candidates file with the office of Jacquelyn F Callanen, Bexar Co Elections Administrator. 
2) “Personal Financial Statement” (TX Ethics Comm form PFS)  ASAP, but within 30 days of nomination by a County Convention, State & County candidates must file this lengthy (largely “not applicable” but NOTARIZED) form.
State candidates again file the PFS with the TEC.
County candidates file with the office of Gerry Rickoff, Bexar County Clerk.
  Paul Pipkin
BCGP Legal Committee

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