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Greetings ~

         We are in crunch time to stop Congress from granting Fast Track to the President. Fast Track would mean that he could sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement before Congress sees it and would prevent transparency and a democratic review of the TPP in Congress.

         The Constitution gives Congress the responsibility to negotiate trade. If Congress gives this responsibility up, then we will not know what is in the text of the TPP and will not have hearings or debate on it.

Flush the TPP         It is likely that Congress will vote on Fast Track in both the House and Senate in late September. We must move quickly to tell Congress to say “No!” to Fast Track and to demand transparency and a democratic process for the largest and most wide-reaching trade agreement in history.

         As part of the Flush the TPP Coalition, the Green Shadow Cabinet has issued over a dozen detailed statements on the likely impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on education, jobs, nature, poverty, law, health care, and more (click here to read them).   

         If you can be in Washington D.C. on any of the days between September 20-25, there are plenty of important events in which you can take part (click here).

         And all of us can take part in a fun “thank or spank” action that will take place across the U.S.A. tomorrow, September 17: Constitution Day . . . 

  1. Ask your member of Congress to make a commitment to vote “No” on Fast Track. Use House.gov or Senate.gov to find contact information for your member. Contact them via phone and email and social media. But even better, grab a couple friends and go to their local office! 
  2. If your member promises to vote “No” on Fast Track, then thank them publicly (this must be a solid promise, remember that politicians are clever). Make it fun. Invite their staff to celebrate with you. Send out a press release or write letters to the editor in your local paper to let everyone know that your representative is standing with the people. See the toolkit for help with this.
  3. If your member waffles, won’t commit or supports Fast Track , then ‘spank’ them publicly for siding with the corporations. Here is a list of the corporations that support the TPP. And you can find out which corporations are controlling your member of Congress through the Sunlight Foundation. Use the search function in the Influence Explorer section. Be creative in your actions. Make them highly visible to have an effect.
  4. Then share your results – their responses, your photos, videos and write-ups – with your local media and with FlushTheTPP.org. Remember to be the media too and share on local blogs and social media outlets.