Help mobilize for pe​ace​

Green Shadow Cabinet

As Obama lobbies Congress for war, we must mobilize the American people for peace.

The polls shows that public opinion is against war and remains against war. But Congress has a bad habit of ignoring the public and listening instead to the Pentagon and the paid pundits. Our job is to turn public opinion for peace into an unstoppable force for peace.
Jill Stein on Boston Common for peace 
The Green Shadow Cabinet is an important part of making that happen.  Please donate now. 
On Saturday, I spoke to hundreds gathered on the Boston Common. Other members of the Green Shadow Cabinet were rallying the peace movement in dozens of other cities.
This Cabinet is a part of the peace movement, just as it is a part of the movements for racial equality, ecology, social and economic justice, and democracy. The role of the Green Shadow Cabinet is to show the American people — and those in power — that another government is possible. 
This Cabinet has consistently opposed warmaking by the Obama administration. You can read our most recent statement here: Don’t attack Syria.
And a listing of our many previous statements on Syria can be read by clicking here (click and then scroll to bottom).
It is time for the Green Shadow Cabinet to move from speaking to acting. We are joining with other supporters of a non-violent approach to ending the Syrian civil war in organizing rallies and actions across the country. To do this, it is critical that we have your support right now. Please donate now. 
It is true, as Frederick Douglass said, that “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” We are that demand. And our demand is that much stronger because we are directly challenging those in power.
Thank you for the People, Peace & Planet,
Dr. Jill Stein

 The Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States of America is a vehicle for authentic political opposition. The Green Party has only one thing of value to add–to SERVE the Movement: nominate activists & their supporters to the BALLOT at EVERY LEVEL. YOU need to think NOW about 2014.