No War with Syria- San Antonio Rally

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While it is unfortunate, it is also rather unsurprising. It appears we are plunging into yet another war. We all have our reason, or more likely reasons, to be against military action in Syria. We should not be silent in our opposition.
There is a “No War With Syria” rally Saturday in San Antonio @ 12 noon at the Main Plaza in solidarity with rallies in at least 70 other cities. Students United for Socioeconomic Justice will be there proclaiming why we are against military action in Syria. Please join us if you agree that perpetual war is immoral and damaging to any hope for peace (the only real security).
More information can be found at the Facebook page “No War With Syria San Antonio”

Committee meeting for the amendment concerning the Texas Election Code and Bexar County party By-Laws.

A public committee meeting will be held on SEPTEMBER 3rd 2013 at 7:30 pm at Dora’s on the west-side, concerning the by-laws amendments that Paul and Kat have proposed. Mass participation is encouraged and all opinions will be considered. Please let us know if you will be attending by emailing the group as a whole on the GA email. We need to get to an agreement of some sort by the next meeting so that the vote can actually happen, and so that the party can move on to other projects.

1225 S Brazos St
San Antonio, TX 78207

Shut down ALEC

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OccChi continue to raise hell outside the Palmer House. Texas Occblogger Kit O’Connell is on the ground in the Haymarket City. Kit O'Connell

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting in Chicago on August 7-9 at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel. ALEC connects corporate lobbyists with legislators behind closed doors to write “model legislation”. This Legislation is then put on the floor of state legislatures across the country, without indication that it is an ALEC model bill. Put simply, corporations are writing state laws.

CAUSA needs our help! Sign and pass on!


I just signed the petition “City Council Members of San Antonio, Texas: Support the nondiscrimination ordinance in San Antonio” on

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:



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Mark your calendars, there will be a rally in front of City Council on the 20th of August at 6:30 pm.  More information to follow.

EPA Fracking Study Rebukes Agency’s Own Safety Claims

Pancho Valdez forwarded this article to you from Common Dreams.

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It won’t be long before people from the Eagle Ford Shale area begin reporting all kinds of crazy cancers and assorted other diseases!

Revealed: EPA Fracking Study Rebukes Agency’s Own Safety Claims


DeSmogBlog has obtained a copy of an Obama Administration Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fracking groundwater contamination PowerPoint presentation describing a then-forthcoming study’s findings in Dimock, Pennsylvania. 

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  The Bexar County Green Party will hold our next meeting on Sunday, August 11, 2013, 2:00-4:00 p.m. at 3134 Roosevelt Ave. (210)207-2704. Agenda will be posted in two days.

Mission Branch library is located at 3134 Roosevelt Ave MAP