Vote Green on Saturday

Polls open 7am to 7pm. Bexar County has provided poll information linx at 

 For Mayor: Rhett Smith

Sentido a las causas de la gente! Listening to the people!

Respecting every neighborhood! Con el respecto a toda la communidad! Phone: 210-300-4750

 For Council District 2: Antonio Diaz 

I Believe that the working class people have the right to represent and direct their government. I will have a true open door policy for all constituents.”

What improvements do YOU want for your community?

Antonio Díaz, 59, a community activist and independent contractor… vying for the District 2 council seat.
Díaz, head of the Texas Indigenous Council, said he wants to ensure that District 2 residents get adequate representation, which he says is lacking with Taylor.
“At this point, many don’t even know who their City Council person is and feel they’re not properly represented,” Díaz said. “It’s a matter of equality. Being a human rights activist, that’s been my focus for 20 years.”
Infrastructure is the major concern of most District 2 constituents, as is safety and combating crime, Díaz added.

Contact by phone 210-542-9271 or Antonio Diaz for City Council @ Facebook

Meet both on our videos: Los Verdes de San Antonio de Bexar