Rachell Rozas Tucker, elected co-chair of Bexar County Green Party on April 7, 2013.

 Rachell with fellow activists Jake Tucker & Tim Garcia-Giddens at the Valero Protest.

Achievements through persistence

By Marissa Villa, Staff Writer

…For other young activists, such persistence is a lesson learned early.

“Compassion is a huge part of (activism) but you have to have a spine,  because people are going to try to knock you down left and right,” says Nansi  Singh, 27, an environmental activist involved with Energía Mía and Students  United for Socioeconomic Justice at UTSA.

For most, the passion to change what they see as an injustice starts when  they learn something new — in high school or early on in college.

“The more we learned in school of all the things going on in the world, with  labor rights violations, women’s rights violations and how globalization hurts  the have-nots to profit the people who are rich, both my husband and I felt that  we needed to do something,” says Rachell  M. Tucker, an anthropology major at UTSA also involved in SUSJ.

That organization was born out of the Occupy San Antonio movement, and  although small — Tucker says there are about five active members at any given  time — its members are persistent.

“People who are involved here are really involved,” says Singh.

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Published in Conexión, San Antonio 11:47 am, Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 Blockader  Doug Fahlbusch

Blockader Disrupts Valero-Sponsored Golf Tournament, Demands Accountability for Manchester

April 6, 2013

UPDATE: Sunday, 3 pm – Doug is free! Here’s what he had to say about his action after getting out of jail:

“It appears that my career as a golf ‘Standard Bearer’ has been cut short.  On the bright side, my journey with non-violent direct action is picking up speed!  I really hope that people look at what Valero is doing to the community of Manchester in Houston, TX.  What is happening to Manchester shows the Valero corporation’s utter disregard for human life in their quest for more and more money.  In addition, Valero is preparing to refine tar sands shipped in from Canada using the Keystone XL pipeline as a conduit, additionally showing their contempt for life on Earth.  I hope that this action has inspired people to act when they see injustice, and that direct action can mean many different things. So for now, I say farewell to the fairways and putting greens, and look forward to upcoming actions on the Keystone XL pipeline easement.” – Doug Fahlbusch

Here’s some local news coverage about Doug’s protest.

UPDATE: 6 pm – Here’s video footage of Doug marching out on the field and demanding that Valero tell the people of Manchester what they’re emitting from their refinery.