As long as seven years ago, at least a few us smelled more than decomposing rats when developers did not rush to visit on the hurricane-devastated Gulf Coast an infestation of new timeshares, as was their typical habit–and looked further askance at the endless delays at restoring even so much as the NOLA Interstate link.

Excellent documentary re Deepwater Horizon. Hour & a half: http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/the_big_fix_2012/

By the time of BP’s debacle going on three years ago, only the “studiedly obtuse” (I’m saying liars feigning stupidity) could still deny that high levels of planning had relegated the entire southern coast — a sacrifice zone.

Now we begin to see what they had in mind.

Refineries perch on Baytown, Texas City, Port Arthur, Houston’s East End & Norco LA, corporate vultures Exxon-Mobil  British Petroleum, Valero and Shell greedy to guzzle the diluted bitumen from Keystone XL (or the Enbridge Pegasus workaround conduit). Those are areas that will be immediately destroyed for quarterly profit–environmentally destroyed, communities destroyed, human beings destroyed, families destroyed.

TARNATION (from SA Current in PDF)

Think we won’t be drinking & breathing the last dregs of the dino-juice here in Es-se? You believe Valero is gonna refill the tank farm at Elemendorf with expensive “light, sweet crude”? Think again. The NuStar/now Calumet refinery on S Presa will be belching out hyper-toxicity ’til hell won’t have it. Hey, they’ve done it before! Southsiders are pretty much like the folks in Manchester, hunh? Not a lotta country-club swells out there–no gated communities like the one where Valero CEO Kleese resides.

Because the mechanisms of governance no longer control the “corporate citizens”, there is now no formal mechanism of power to stop them from creating a corporate oligarchic state to openly abet their carnage. To the capitulationists who will not confront the likes of Valero, I’d ask who should we lobby? To whom should we go beg on bended knee? The charlatan in the Oval Office?

Forget that. It is time for something more!