Sunday’s mixed bag: Sierra Club/350.org marched paradoxically to “support the President”   at the Forward on Climate demonstration in Washington, DC.

Though her request to address the rally reportedly was denied, Dr Jill Stein was there with a Green Contingent involving Occupiers, teacher- unionists and other fighters from the trenches.  Jill interviewed  at 27:00-32:00 mins on http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/29360165

Also, an Ecosocialist Contingent  assembled by Solidarity/ISO said they engaged to “begin building a radical current within the movement, in order to overcome the limitations in the strategies pursued by mainstream environmental groups and build grassroots power that can win.” (Respectfully observe there has long existed a “radical current”–among Earth First & others. But the principle is sound.)

I am not surprised to report as little confidence in the motives of Sierra Club as I began with.   IMO, they mobilized for little more than to “help” their President pull the woolly-woolly. That said:

I don’t put faith in a lotta peeps–especially groups. But the indigenous are one lot who retain dignity in the face of unremitting oppression. You don’t meet too many “Indian” shills.

Hence, Sierra Club hoped that a few Native Americans on the platform might weave credibility about the flagrant co-optation from political panderers like Van Jones. 

Chief Jacqueline Thomas; Saik’uz First Nation (northern BC)
Crystal Lameman; Beaver Lake Cree First Nations (northern Alberta)

were, in fact, the ONLY scheduled speakers worth attention

A couple others did manage to get to the mike. Casey Camp from the Ponca Nation in OK, also had much to say on the environmental genocide most of the marchers can only imagine. AND

The Manchester & Port Arthur fightbacks got a mention–thanks to a Cherokee sister from Louisiana. (Did not get her name but pretty sure she was INM-associated.) 

At least they were allowed on the platform. I am confident Idle No More will NOT stand down when greenwashed liberals claim proprietorship of the Keystone X-L issue and all should now just go home & shut up.

Respect to & support for all the fighters who have really made the difference. ALL POWER TO THE BLOCKADE! Tar Sands Blockade http://www.tarsandsblockade.org/weekofaction/