Manchester–in the East End of Houston, kettled by Valero & other petrochemical operations & proposed terminus of the Keystone X-L. The star marks the park where children gag on the toxic fumes & police cede authority to Valero security-thugs. (Rather reminiscent of the old days when the actual “laws” in Kleberg County were the King Ranch gunmen.)
But what is equally unconscionable: while a cadre of Houston activists–AnarchistsBlockaders, Occupiers–have mobilized a fight-back, here we sit, where that corporate brute squats right by the UTSA campus and have yet to engage. Not as if San Antonians, particularly Southsiders  have no bad experience with Valero. hunh?
Valero Energy Corporate Headquarters 
SA activistsBexar County Green Party, Students United for Socioeconomic Justice, Southwest Workers Union, Texas Indigenous Council and supporters of Idle No More–will recognize Manchester’s struggle as our struggle.

Valero we recall you when you were Diamond Shamrock; we remember LoVacaNustar–we know you and your works. Expect us.