Idle No More Solidarity Action!

 San Anto Says:
Protect Native Rights!
Protect the Rights
of Mother Earth!

Idle No More<br />

San Antonio Solidarity Action
for Idle No More Global Day of Action
Canadian Consulate
@ 106 S. St Mary’s Street, Suite 800

(corner of Commerce & St. Marys, across the Aztec Theater)

January 28th @ 11am
Idle No More is the name of an indigenous rights movement that began in December 2012, when the Canadian government passed Bill C-45. Promoted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conservative administration as a jobs and economic stimulus initiative, this bill contains provisions that weaken treaty rights for First Nations peoples and national environmental protections, giving industry greater access to Native lands and to Canadian waterways. In response, First Nations people throughout Canada have protested this bill, with Attiwapiskat Chief Theresa Spence undergoing a 44-day hunger strike. According to the movement’s website, “the vision of Idle No More revolves around indigenous ways of knowing rooted in indigenous sovereignty to protect water, air, land, and all creation for future generations.” See here for more information on the movement.Since it began, numerous solidarity actions have taken place across the world, including here in San Antonio. January 28th is the next day of global action, coinciding with the return of Canadian MPs to the House of Commons, and calling for a peaceful protest of C-45’s attacks on democracy, indigenous sovereignty, human rights, and environmental protection.Locally, we are calling on all buena gente concerned about the rights of mother earth and all her peoples to convene at the Canadian Consulate on January 28th to send a message to the Canadian government that the world is watching how Canada responds to the message sent by INM and its supporters. 


This action will be followed by teach-ins (date and location TBD) connecting the concerns of Idle No More to local environmental justice issues like the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and the fracking boom in South Texas. 
valero protest

Stay tuned, gente, and let us know if you’d like to help with planning.
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To learn more about the Idle No More movement, please visit
For more information about the action and teach-in,
call Laura Rios @ 512-844-4107 or Saakred @ 210-607-3283

Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
922 San Pedro Ave  •  San Antonio TX 78212 
• 210.228.0201 

(entrance on W Evergreen, 1/2 mile north of downtown)

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Solidarity Action — stay tuned, there will be more!