Texas Campaign School

Green Campaign School San Antonio, Texas–just north of downtown in the heart of arguably SA’s principle Green voting base, at  Esperanza Peace & Justice Center


Works to create a world where everyone has civil rights and economic justice, where the environment is cared for, and where cultures are honored.

922 San Pedro Avenue  San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 228-0201 

Saturday, March 30 2013 (the day before Easter) 9am–6pm 

We’re now advised the School may NOT involve Dr Stein herself. Rather, it will be conducted by Ben Manski (Campaign Manager), Tia Nowack and Matt Kozlowski — the remaining staff and core cadre of the 2012 campaign.  
These Green Campaign Schools will focus on building skills at all levels, from assembling a campaign team, to creating effective campaign literature, raising money, handling and using voter data, financial reporting, media campaigns, the role of the candidate, and setting and working toward goals. These schools will be one-to-two day events, hosted by our campaign team together with Green leaders in your area. The idea is to provide lessons from the experience accumulated in our campaign.”

The first of this wave of Green Campaign Schools took place Sunday, January 13th, in Northfield, Minnesota, an hour south of the Twin Cities. Other Green Campaign Schools are planned for the California, the East Coast, the South, and other parts of the Midwest. Depending on interest, and our ability to raise funds, we will organize more of these schools over the course of 2013. We’ll keep the announcements coming.

Check back for more details soon. 

Photo: Jill's making her way around Texas! Here she is at San Pedro Park in San Antonio with students from UTSA and community members. Thanks to everyone who came out!
Jill Stein with Greens at San Pedro Pavilion, Oct 6 2012