Los Verdes de San Antonio de Béxar

 With Dr Jill Stein & Occupiers at San Pedro Pavilion on Oct 6. 😀 

Later, at Bexar County Green Party Fund Raiser October 6 2012

Special Guest Jill Stein, 2012 Presidential Green Party Candidate, addresses members of the Bexar County Green Party and interested members of the public, in Meghan Owen‘s SA yard.

PART I (17 mins)

PART II (17 mins)

PART III (17 mins)

Video thanks to Steve Shamblen.

You can find much more Jill & Cheri on their YouTube channel, here:


Tax Assessor -- 8500 Green votes Countywide focuses of voter interest (estimation based on approx 8500 garnered in Tax Assessor race.) 

Bexar Co Official precinct totals are now on the county Elections site: http://elections.bexar.org/reports/PDF/20121106_ElectionTotals.HTM 

The Texas Green Candidates pages will remain in operation.  Among others, state & local:


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