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 Nearly half a million


As the votes are counted and reported, our numbers are rising. As of today, Monday, November 12th, the total number of votes reported for Jill Stein for President are 422,017. This total does not include roughly 5,000 votes projected but still unreported by state officials. And it does not include write-in votes in six states. When all is said and done, the total reported vote should be between 430,000 and 440,000 nationwide.

The states with the highest vote percentage for Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala were Maine (1.30%), Oregon (1.03%), Alaska (1.0%), Arkansas (.87%), Idaho, Hawai’i, and West Virginia (each with .70%). California and New York both reported 0.6% of the vote for the Green ticket.

Overall, this performance means that just over one out of three hundred voters voted Green in this election, or .35%. This total is almost exactly three times the performance of the Green ticket in 2008 as measured by vote percentage.

That is very cool, though perhaps not the perfect way to frame it. To speak of voters who “voted Green“, one must also consider down-ballot votes.

In Bexar Co, for example, there were 826 straight Green ballots–one of them was mine…  Overall, Jill & Cheri garnered 1765 (.34%). Yet 8460 (1.68%) voted Green for the Tax Assessor–6695 more than voted for the National Ticket. And even more in races lacking a Demo or Repub opponent.

Granted that the scope of fleshed-out 2012 Green slates was limited and not anywhere near the 85% with opportunity to vote the National Ticket, I would still bet there were well in excess of half a million “Green votes” if all the down-ballot races were considered.

More, though still not complete data at

FURTHER UPDATE: As of 11/19, the unofficial Stein/Honkala count seemed to have exceeded 440,000. Link to 2012 Election spreadsheet Google Docs.

Bexar Green Candidates: You can attend the canvassing meeting held on Monday, November 19 at 8:30 am at the Paul Elizondo Tower, 101 W. Nueva 10th floor. This is an open meeting. Should you have any questions about your returns, you would ask at this meeting. For more info on any Election matter, call Jacque Callanen at 335-0362.

Nov 26, Wikipedia tabulated:

“On Election Day, Stein received 445,247 votes (0.35% of the popular vote). Stein received twice the amount of votes Cynthia McKinney received in 2008 and triple the amount of votes David Cobb received in 2004. Stein is the most successful female presidential candidate in U.S. history.”

Final January count–Wikipedia updated: 469,501 — 0.36% 


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