Conversations with the Candidates

This is a VIMEO link to the League of Women Voters senatorial forum, Houston cablecast 12 October. It was originally going to feature all four candidates on the Texas ballot for the open US Senate seat, but the two “major-party” candidates declined to appear because

they’re both CHICKEN!  

After a brief introductory civics lesson, the next 25 minutes or so is Libertarian candidate John Jay Myers, followed by 25 minutes of David B. Collins, candidate of the Green Party
                                                             *  *  * * *
ALSO, from Fort :

Fort Worth has already won the battle for the 33rd Congressional District

FORT WORTH — No matter what happens on Election Day, the newly drawn congressional district that stretches from Fort Worth’s Stockyards to Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood will be represented by a Fort Worth man.

The question now is which one.

After fierce primary battles earlier this year, the race for the 33rd Congressional District — which pits Democrat state Rep. Marc Veasey, Republican Chuck Bradley and Green Party candidate Ed Lindsay against each other…

Ed Lindsay Ed Lindsay

The 73-year-old retired educator and part-time insurance broker said he jumped in this race as a member of the Green Party “to make the real changes that are needed for our country.”

The Fort Worth man said the biggest issues in the race include Social Security, Medicare, the economy, the federal debt, the employment rate, individual rights and closing tax loopholes.

He said he’s busy talking to voters, sending campaign e-mails and putting out campaign signs.

Lindsay said he wants voters to know “that I am honest, that I don’t accept corporate money, that I am a true representative of the people and that I am highly educated and knowledgeable about how to solve the problems facing this country.”

Overall, if elected, he said his goal is to “end corporate welfare, ensure Social Security and Medicare are protected, stop deficit spending, end subsidies to oil companies, protect individual rights, stop sending our troops to war without a declaration of war, support our men and women in uniform, especially, veterans, and use my knowledge and 40 years experience in education to solve the nation’s education problems.”

He has run for one other public office, Texas comptroller, in 2010, and he received more than 250,000 votes, or 6.34 percent.


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