Cheri Honkala at Romneyville

Green Party presidential ticket to make separate appearances in Miami & St. Pete this Friday

Posted by MITCH PERRY on Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 9:19 AM

(UPDATE: See below).While the campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney get criticized daily by the mainstream media for their rather pedestrian efforts slogging through this endless summer, there are in fact a number of other choices that will be on the ballot for president this November.

One of those choices is Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential nominee, who will be making an appearance Friday morning in Miami, while her vice presidential running mate will be speaking in Tampa later that afternoon.

That would be Cheri Honkala, the national coordinator for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, one of the country’s largest multi-racial, inter-generational movements led by the poor and homeless. She will be speaking at a press conference in Tampa for what the Reverend Bruce Wright is calling the official opening of “Romneyville,” the encampment that has been happening behind the Army-Navy store in Tampa off Tampa Street since late May, though most people learned about it only a couple of weeks ago. That takes place at 5:00 p.m. in Tampa.

Below is a video clip from July 11, when Jill Stein named Honkala to be her running mate in Washington D.C.

In Miami, Dr. Stein is scheduled to discuss her Green New Deal which, as she says, “will make wars for oil obsolete, put an end to unemployment and jump-start the green economy.” She will also discuss: “the real solutions we deserve to solve the crises we face — like bringing the troops home, halting the drone wars, closing over 1,000 bases in over 140 countries around the world, cutting the military budget in half, and promoting the international treaty to regulate the weapons trade — which the Obama White house just blocked.”

Cheri Honkala at Romneyville

Cheri_Honkala.gifCheri Honkala is coming to Romneyville, similar to Hoovervilles of the 1930s Depression Era, in Tampa.  The encampment is being coordinated by Rev. Bruce Wright of the Refuge and The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, along with Occupy the RNC.  The demands of the encampment include housing, food, healthcare, and a living wage job for all.  They call for an end to foreclosures and homelessness and an end to the criminalization of poverty.  The Stein/Honkala campaign is proud to support these efforts and demands.


August 10, 2012 at 1pm
The Refuge
3301 58th Ave N
Lot 102
Petersburg, FL 33714
United States

March for Our Lives

Monday, August 27, 2012 at 03:00 PM

Caravana-del-Eje-Zero-del-Hurac_C3_A1n-Katrina-al-Foro-Social-de-los-Estados-Unidos.pngThe National Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, of which Vice Presidential Candidate Cheri Honkala is the founder and National Coordinator, will be hosting the March for Our Lives at the Republic National Convention Protests.

The March for Our Lives: March of the Poor, Homeless, and Unemployed will take place from 3-5:30pm EST on the opening day of the Republican National Convention.  The marchers, including Cheri Honkala, will be calling for an end to all foreclosures, an end to criminilazation of the poor and homeless, and housing and food as human rights.

This march has a long history of taking place at both the Republican and Democrat National Conventions and is inspired by the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign.

PPERC is one of the largest poor people’s movements and represents dozens of grassroots groups led by the poor.  It is a multi-racial, multi-generational organization of both women and men.

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