Candidates: Paul the Taxman

Okay, grandpa’s gonna talk now.  Progressives, listen up!

Paul chats outside GPTX convention at Grey Forest, June 9, 2012 (Videography by Laura Palmer of Houston.)

Like my Congressional candidate (Meghan Owen–35th Dist of TX), I seek the votes of the disenfranchised. But I also want to speak to an additional constituency.

Through the decade of the 1990s, I chaired the Progressive Democrats of SA. I had a hand in activating many of the multi-ethnic Bexar votes for Jesse Jackson from 1988 and through ongoing progressive struggles. The Democratic Party has sold out those voters, and I WANT THEM BACK!

As the millennium drew nigh, PD realized the Democrats were corrupted beyond redemption & sought an alternative–first with Hightower’s “Populist Alliance”, then participated in the founding of the late Tony Mazzochi’s Labor Party of America. Neither proved prepared to go the distance to true political independence.

In hindsight, we might have turned to the example set by the Rainbow Coalition in Massachusetts, who early merged with Green Party in the present Green-Rainbow Party of MA. But com-tech was not what we take for granted now. We really did not know. I walked away from the plutocratic nightmare, but other progressives fought on.

The remaining PDs only now stand to be purged from the fully corporatized Bexar Democratic executive committee. I salute them for their years of devoted struggle within a rigged system. I call out to them–bid them take their place among us in support of Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala and the peaceful, just, green future our children deserve.

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