State Convention (GPTX)

Green Party of Texas

The Green Party of Texas will hold its state convention June 9th and 10th in San Antonio at the Grey Forest Scenic Clubhouse, near the communities of Grey Forest and Helotes, at 18249 Sherwood Trail, San Antonio TX, 78023.

The agenda for the state convention is to nominate and elect its statewide slate of candidates, elect delegates to its national convention in Baltimore, MD on July 12-15, elect presidential electors, elect the party’s state officers, and conduct other party business.

Guest speakers will include Dr. Jill Stein, the front-runner for the Green Party’s presidential nomination.

To register for the State convention contact Christine Morshedi at or call 713-866-6285.

The Green Party’s Ten Key Values guide all Greens and their candidates toward the goals of economic and social justice, environmental future focus and sustainability, nonviolence and respect for diversity.

Find the Green Party of Texas online here, on Facebook here, and on Twitter here.

P.O. Box 271080
Houston, TX 77027-1080

Nominations before the State Convention June 9-10, 2012 (only elected delegates may vote): 

  • United States Senate —David B. Collins OR Victoria Ann Zabaras
  • Texas Railroad Commission Pl 1—Chris Kennedy
  • Texas Railroad Commission Pl 2—Josh Wendel
  • Texas Supreme Court Pl 4—Charles E. Waterbury
  • Texas Supreme Court Pl 6 —Jim Chisholm
  • State Board of Education Dist 5—Irene Meyer Scharf

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