Can you provide Solidarity Housing for the State Convention?

Solidarity Housing for Out of Town Greens Attending the State Convention
Green Party of Texas June 8-10, 2012

Hello Greens,

Bexar County will be hosting the 2012 State Convention of the
Green Party of Texas, Friday thru Sunday, June 8-10.

Since few Greens are 1 Percenters, the need to pay for motel rooms
can prevent many from coming to the state convention. Many
others prefer to stay with local Greens for the camaraderie.

Some will need hospitality for two nights Friday and Saturday,
and others will need accommodations only for Saturday. Some
few may want to stay Sunday night also.

Generally, most will be happy with any place you can offer.
Couches, floors, spare bedrooms, garages, screen porches,
etc. are fine. Of course, bathroom/shower access is a must.

This is a chance to connect with others of like political mind
around the state, and there is the possibility of their returning
the favor for you in the future.

Most of the conventioneers will be at the Convention in
Grey Forest [near Helotes] all day Saturday the 9th and until
mid-late afternoon Sunday the 10th. There will also be a party
Saturday Night.

If you can help with hospitality, please contact me right away.
Click this –> to contact me

Thanks so much,
A.J. Worthey
210 387-4232

Please provide the following info.

Name _______________________
Street Address________________________

City __________________, TX, Zip __________

Phone _________ Cell _________

Nights you can host: Friday ____, Saturday ____, Sunday____
Number of people you can host ______
Couples  ______
Singles   ______
Any Gender? ____ Male only ____ Female only ____
Spare Bedrooms ______
Garage ______
Couch ______
Floor ______
Screen Porch ______
Other ______
Handicapped Accessible ____
No Smoking ____
Smoking Outdoors Only ____
Smoking Allowed Indoors
Air Conditioned  yes____ no____
Bathroom facilities only yes____
Shower and Bathroom yes ____

Updated State Convention information posted and emailed today

Check your email and if you didn’t get an email from Bexar Greens and Green Party of Texas then you are not in our database. (we’ve been transitioning to a new system and not quite all there yet)  you can sign up here, and do let us know so we can tag you into the BCGP announcement list as well.

What you missed can be found here under comments.

Also if you can provide Solidarity Housing for out of town Greens coming in for the Convention, see this post.


Voting Green in 2012

With the “major party” primaries underway, as people go to the polls to vote for their favorite players on the Red and Blue teams, why do so many ignore the other parties? The Green Party of Texas is fielding as many candidates for office as the rest of the United States combined. I’ll skip the primaries this year.

The Green Party has been traditionally skeptical of so-called “Straight-Party” or “Straight-Ticket” voting in general elections. True, while it makes the voting process seem easier, it also makes voters lazy while keeping the two-party system in power. The Green Party isn’t big enough yet to have active chapters in every corner of the massive state of Texas; thus an appeal to voters to fill out the entire ballot & hopefully Go Green in some races.

However, some counties have more Green candidates. I, myself, will VOTE ONLY GREEN from the Presidential to Justice of the Peace. No, there are no “good guys” among the corporate offerings sufficiently compelling for me to take the time to work them in. I will not foreclose the option of voters in Bexar & Harris Counties who have the good fortune to vote Straight Green should they choose to.

Greens in San Antonio and Houston have a more robust vision than to constrain our activity to a routine four-year 3rd Presidential ticket bid–containable and castrated. Among broad outreach already underway, when Occupy took to the streets, we immediately back-burned preconceived electoral agenda and placed ourselves at the disposal of the new movement.

Thanks to the collaboration of Occupiers in Houston & San Antonio, Green Party has helped to enable an Occupy political voice. NOT off in 2014 or 2016, but RIGHT-NOW for the 2012 electoral cycle. Whatcha gonna do in Nov? Vote for corporates against Occupiers? Look at all the Occupy candidates at

The corporate parties have a division of labor: Republicans work to deny the vote to as many Americans as possible (i.e. gerrymandering, unreasonable voter ID, calculated confusion of districts at every level). Their Democrat partners exert themselves to deny you any substantive choice (devoting as much attention to lawsuits, spying & false-flag gambits against the tiny Green Party as on their putative “competition” with Republicans).

Jack London wrote a century ago: “There is no Republican Party. There is no Democratic Party. There are no Republicans nor Democrats in this House. You are lick-spittlers and panderers, the creatures of the Plutocracy. You talk verbosely in antiquated terminology of your love of liberty, and all the while you wear the scarlet livery of the Iron Heel.’”

MORE true today than when London wrote in 1906. “Major party” is a misnomer. There are no such parties. Most “precinct chairs” sit empty. Activist orgs like Greens, Libertarians, Socialists, etc. together might field “party loyalists” comparable to the few in the paper shells of the “majors”. The Republican-Democrat primary election machinery, funded by corporations & wedded like retail banking to the government, ARE NOT PARTIES by any conventional definition.

It’s a huge shell-game, run by masters of the short con. And it’s never going to change until YOU begin to vote differently.

COLORS: it’s not about the Presidential–it never was. We’re in Texas, duh? You can mix Green & Blue whatever way you want & not balance out the Red. The winner takes all those electoral votes. In Texas, this year, it’s not a third party, but the Democrat vote that is a “wasted ballot”, accomplishing nothing–nothing at all. You want to make a statement for politics independent of corporate corruption, TEXAS IS THE PLACE, and GREEN IS THE LINE.

–Paul Pipkin lives in San Antonio, Texas and is active with Occupy Bexar and the Bexar County Green Party, standing for Bexar Co. Tax Assessor–Collector.

State Convention (GPTX)

Green Party of Texas

The Green Party of Texas will hold its state convention June 9th and 10th in San Antonio at the Grey Forest Scenic Clubhouse, near the communities of Grey Forest and Helotes, at 18249 Sherwood Trail, San Antonio TX, 78023.

The agenda for the state convention is to nominate and elect its statewide slate of candidates, elect delegates to its national convention in Baltimore, MD on July 12-15, elect presidential electors, elect the party’s state officers, and conduct other party business.

Guest speakers will include Dr. Jill Stein, the front-runner for the Green Party’s presidential nomination.

To register for the State convention contact Christine Morshedi at or call 713-866-6285.

The Green Party’s Ten Key Values guide all Greens and their candidates toward the goals of economic and social justice, environmental future focus and sustainability, nonviolence and respect for diversity.

Find the Green Party of Texas online here, on Facebook here, and on Twitter here.

P.O. Box 271080
Houston, TX 77027-1080

Nominations before the State Convention June 9-10, 2012 (only elected delegates may vote): 

  • United States Senate —David B. Collins OR Victoria Ann Zabaras
  • Texas Railroad Commission Pl 1—Chris Kennedy
  • Texas Railroad Commission Pl 2—Josh Wendel
  • Texas Supreme Court Pl 4—Charles E. Waterbury
  • Texas Supreme Court Pl 6 —Jim Chisholm
  • State Board of Education Dist 5—Irene Meyer Scharf

Meghan Owen on TPR

Today,  the 17th of May, The Source” show on Texas Public Radio  aired a segment with Green candidate Meghan Owen–along with the Repub & Demo candidates for Congress, 35th District of Texas.

Considering they only gave her a minute or so late in the broadcast, Meghan made a strong impression. Noteworthy that Demo candidate Maria Luisa Alvarado, the sole voice of South-side women in the field, lauded Meghan as  representing the future of the district.

Returning the compliment, I’ll give Maria Luisa’s positive thoughts a little space here. From the TPR site:

To run against Doggett, newcomer Alvarado is running an uphill battle, one she says she’s been climbing since she was born.

“I don’t shine, said Alvarado, “I’m not a rock star, and I think that’s part of the problem that we have with our elections these days. You’ve got to have a lot of money. You have to have some sort of appeal. All those things really don’t sell down in my neighborhood,” she said.

Every vote counts

Owen says she doesn’t want to split votes between the Republicans and Democrats. She says she wants the vote of the disenfranchised voters.

She is frustrated with “career politicians” who have not given a voice to people like her.

“You need to pass the torch on to the younger generation,” she said. “These incumbents that have been in power for 14 years, 16 years, 20 years, why are they still there? Why haven’t they stepped down to give a younger generation the chance to go in there and fix the mistakes that they made?”

TPR’s Ryan Loyd hosts. Expect Meghan back at TPR for further interviews.

KSTX 89.1 FM online

The segment SHOULD become available for replay via the On Demand tab on the player–and possibly for download in the archives.