2012 Candidates on Bexar Co Ballots

Vote Green Party for
Separation of Corporation and State

  • US Rep Dist 20—Antonio Diaz
  • US Rep Dist 21—Bill Stout
  • US Rep Dist 23—Ed Scharf
  • US Rep Dist 28—Michael D. Cary
  • US Rep Dist 35—Meghan Owen
  • State Senate, Dist 26—Chris Cristal
  • State Rep Dist 120—Gregory Fox
  • State Rep Dist 123—Chuck Robinson
  • State Rep Dist 124—Herb Gonzales, Jr.
  • State Rep Dist 125—Timothy Giddens
  • Tax Assessor-Collector—Paul Pipkin
  • County Commissioner, Pct 1
    —Sonia Lucy Benavides
  • County Commissioner, Pct 3
    —Eric M Fahrenthold
  • Justice of the Peace, Pct 2 Pl 1
    Joel Benavidez

To be nominated at State Convention
June 9-10 Grey Forest:

  • United States Senate —
    David B. Collins OR Victoria Ann Zabaras
  • Texas Railroad Commission Pl 1—Chris Kennedy
  • Texas Railroad Commission Pl 2—Josh Wendel
  • Texas Supreme Court Pl 4—Charles E. Waterbury
  • Texas Supreme Court Pl 6 —Jim Chisholm
  • State Board of Education Dist 5—Irene Meyer Scharf

To be nominated at National Convention
July 12-15 Baltimore, MD


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