Green + Occupy=Texas

Thanks to the collaboration of Occupiers in Houston & San Antonio, Green Party, has helped to enable an Occupy political voice. NOT off in 2014 or 2016, but RIGHT-NOW–for the 2012 electoral cycle. Whatcha gonna do in Nov? Vote for corporates against Occupiers? These are all Occupy comrades:

Carlos Villalobos Harris Co. Constable, Pct 1
Remington Alessi running for Sheriff, Harris Co.

David Courtney Texas Senate District 17 Harris

Vanessa Foster U. S. House of Representatives District 9 Harris
Maria Selva U.S. House of Representatives District 29 Harris

U.S. House of Representatives Dist 35—Meghan Owen
State Rep Dist 123—Chuck Robinson
State Rep Dist 125—Timothy Giddens
County Commissioner, Pct 3—Eric M Fahrenthold

AUSTIN (formerly SA):
Texas Railroad Commission Pl 1—Chris Kennedy

In all three cities there are other Green candidates & Green Party personnel, and more Occupiers also, who have built intimate relationships among the orgs and around the upcoming campaigns.

We should toot our horn on this. The Demo co-opters hate this “marriage” & try to bury it wherever they can. There are a couple of Demo-compromised “Occupy” livestream chats where I am attacked/obstructed every time I mention our occupiers on the ballot–NOT part of the approved Democrat “narrative”, you see. Seems “transparency” is not always all it’s cracked up to be.

National figures now want our db. Nice they get behind serious party-building but someone should advise them it’s not about a database–it’s about peeps getting out there to do the bit.

Some of you are aware that a Demo agent was deployed in a “false flag” operation specifically to target & cajole Occupiers in SA to renege on their Green candidacies. See, it’s not about the Presidential–it never was. We’re in Texas, duh. You can mix Green & Blue whatever way you want & not balance out the Red.

Winner takes all those electoral votes. In Texas, this year, it’s the Democrat vote that is a “wasted ballot”, accomplishing nothing–nothing at all. You want to make a statement for an independent politics, THIS IS THE PLACE, and GREEN IS THE LINE.

I’ve talked with a number of Democrat apparatchiks, and not a one would seriously argue that point. They’re not afraid of the Repubs–they fear you! For potentially denying them their only remaining talking point and rejecting their BS claim that they are your only choice.

See, the corporate parties have a division of labor: Repubs work to deny the vote to as many Americans as possible. Their Demo partners exert themselves to deny you any substantive choice. And it’s never going to change until YOU begin to vote differently.

-Paul Pipkin

2012 Candidates on Bexar Co Ballots

Vote Green Party for
Separation of Corporation and State

  • US Rep Dist 20—Antonio Diaz
  • US Rep Dist 21—Bill Stout
  • US Rep Dist 23—Ed Scharf
  • US Rep Dist 28—Michael D. Cary
  • US Rep Dist 35—Meghan Owen
  • State Senate, Dist 26—Chris Cristal
  • State Rep Dist 120—Gregory Fox
  • State Rep Dist 123—Chuck Robinson
  • State Rep Dist 124—Herb Gonzales, Jr.
  • State Rep Dist 125—Timothy Giddens
  • Tax Assessor-Collector—Paul Pipkin
  • County Commissioner, Pct 1
    —Sonia Lucy Benavides
  • County Commissioner, Pct 3
    —Eric M Fahrenthold
  • Justice of the Peace, Pct 2 Pl 1
    Joel Benavidez

To be nominated at State Convention
June 9-10 Grey Forest:

  • United States Senate —
    David B. Collins OR Victoria Ann Zabaras
  • Texas Railroad Commission Pl 1—Chris Kennedy
  • Texas Railroad Commission Pl 2—Josh Wendel
  • Texas Supreme Court Pl 4—Charles E. Waterbury
  • Texas Supreme Court Pl 6 —Jim Chisholm
  • State Board of Education Dist 5—Irene Meyer Scharf

To be nominated at National Convention
July 12-15 Baltimore, MD