2020 State Nominating Convention Results

From our friends at the Green Party of Texas:

The convention confirmed the nominations of three candidates for statewide office. The outcome of pending lawsuits, Texans for Voter Choice et al v. Hughs and Dikeman v Hughs, will determine whether the three will appear on Texas ballots; none of them paid the new filing fee imposed on candidates of all parties under 2019’s HB 2504, nor did they submit the requisite petition signatures in lieu of the fee.

The new nominees are:

  • David B. Collins (Harris County), US Senate
  • katija gruene (Travis County), Texas Railroad Commission
  • Charles Waterbury (Dallas County), State Supreme Court Position 1/Chief Justice

Below is a list of the other candidates nominated for non-statewide offices. Names of candidates who paid the fees, thus attaining ballot access, appear in italics.  As with the statewide candidates, the disposition of the litigation will determine whether the others may appear on ballots in their respective districts.

US House

  • Tom Wakely (Béxar), CD-21
  • Hal J. Ridley, Jr. (Orange), CD-36

Texas Legislature

  • Dr. Julián Villarreal (Béxar), SD-26
  • katija gruene (Travis), HD-51
  • Brody-Andrew Mulligan (Tarrant), HD-92
  • Antonio Padrón (Béxar), HD-119

A more detailed summary of the convention, including text of two approved resolutions, is available here. GPTX remains committed to providing a path to the ballot for voices outside the duopoly.

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