Edwards Aquifer Protection Program

Bexar Green Party as a member of Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance have been receiving communication from Anna Lisa Peace on negotiations on the 1/8 cent sales tax that has been the money used for the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program. That 1/ 8 cent sales tax money has been used to buy lands around the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone to protect our water resource. That 1/ 8 sales tax is in jeopardy due to the San Antonio City government having reached limitation on taxing sales and needing money to improve our public transportation system VIA. GEAA and Council Man Trevino are working on negotiating splitting the 1/8 cent salestax in half and placing that as a proposal on this November Election Ballot. Bexar Greens is in favor of this proposal in order that the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program continue to be independant and have the money to purchase land around the Aquifer to protect our water. Join the Bexar Green Party and be a voice to protect our natural resources.

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