UPDATE: COVID19 and the Green Party

For several months, your Béxar County Green Party has been working to ensure you have a voice and are able to vote for Green Candidates this November. To that end, we successfully held our Precinct Convention on March 10 and our County Convention on March 14, in accordance with the Texas Election Code. The next steps in the process are the district conventions (on 3/21) and the state convention (on 4/18). However, as the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID19) has worsened and more severe actions are required to contain the spread of the virus, the Green Party of Texas has requested that the Texas Secretary of State (SoS) allow us to hold District Conventions and our State Convention via teleconference, rather than in person as required by the election code. As of yesterday lawyers for the SoS have DENIED our requests to hold a virtual convention despite the de-facto quarantine conditions that are in effect in many parts of the state. Even while state office buildings are closing to the public and Gov. Abbott has allowed for the postponement of the May elections, the intransigence of SoS is placing us in the position of having to take legal action against them (at great cost to us) in order to safeguard the health of our members, convention delegates, and their families and communities by holding a convention by teleconference. The state convention requirement also affects the Libertarian, Democratic, and Republican parties. If SoS is telling all parties they must hold in-person conventions, such a stance is highly irresponsible. If SoS is only treating the Green Party in this manner, it is exceedingly unjust. PLEASE contact SoS: https://www.sos.state.tx.us/contact.shtml and your local legislator if you think it will help: https://wrm.capitol.texas.gov/home and tell them to urge the SoS to relent on this unjust and unsafe course of action!

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