Coronavirus reveals what many of us have known for a while

Whether it’s the coronavirus or the flu or a sick relative needing care, we need a safety net that centers the needs of workers. The current crisis serves to illustrate to all that the richest most powerful country in the world has eviscerated any semblance of a safety net for the majority of working people. The system that is currently straining to respond to this crisis is the one that was designed to protect the interests of the wealthy and those in the power in the two parties. Those of us who have been working and organizing for years for social justice know what’s at stake. We are the folks who have lacked health insurance, or who have gotten sick or injured at work and then were out of a job, or who have had to figure out how to care for a loved one who has fallen ill. The struggle is real for us, and this latest crisis be a moment of reckoning for everyone regardless of social status. And yet, some will fare better than others, and that’s why we must continue to fight for equity and justice and a total transformation of our society for the betterment of all humans, beginning with the most vulnerable and those who have the least power.

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