Updates for December: Local Green candidates running for seats in Texas Legislature; Impeach and Remove Rally

The new year brings new opportunities for Greens to get involved in their local party. A court order last month originating from a lawsuit regarding the filing fee requirement for convention-nominating parties (i.e., Green and Libertarian Parties) allowed Green candidates statewide to file their applications seeking nomination to public office without paying a filing fee as had been required by a recent state law. Two of our local Green party members decided to file to run for office. Mr. Antonio Padrón, an operator for VIA Metropolitan Transit, is running for Texas House district 119, and Dr. Julián Villarreal, a researcher and lecturer at UTSA, is running for Texas Senate district 26. Look here or on our facebook page for updates to learn how you can get involved.

In December, we participated in the Impeach and Remove Rally that drew hundreds of people to downtown calling for the impeachment and removal of the president. We believe that the articles of impeachment passed by the House are too narrow and ignore the myriad violations of human rights perpetrated by the current administration, esp. the separation of migrant families and the continued military interventions taking place across the world.

Our work with the Climate Action SA coalition continues as we initiate a campaign to persuade our city leaders and CPS to abandon coal as an energy source for our community. Please keep an eye out for events and actions related to this effort.

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