Trick or Treat…

Thanks San Antonio Council…we have 30 months to bust Vista Ridge! 

IMG_0655 (Greens Yvonne Valdez & Paul Pipkin on right, at City Council with combined opposition to the Vista Ridge water privatization scheme. Oct 30th)

We can’t say it was unexpected, but the San Antonio City Council voted unanimously today for the Vista Ridge $3.4 billion water grab.

BUT, hold your horses! The Vista Ridge contract contains a provision that San Antonio Water System can walk away at any time, for any reason, within 30 months of the signing of this contract, with minimal penalties. What that means, folks, is that we CAN pull Vista Ridge down!!!

Today begins the beginning of the unraveling of the Vista Ridge deal as our grassroots efforts have captured very important media attention!

Read this Texas Tribune report and consider leaving a comment there and sharing it.

We promise you, Vista Ridge will not stand — if we, rural and urban Texans — stand together, just like we did today. We are proud of each and everyone of you — many not in this picture nor even in the Council chamber today — who stood up with us to say no to harming our communities and our aquifers.

Consider the BIG PICTURE:


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