Jill Stein Weighs In

on Jack Rasmus’s show:

At @ 46 mins into the podcast, Dr Jill Stein remarks on convergence for  “…stopping this rush to war in the Ukraine–the third world war–engaging Russia–that Obama seems hell-bent on–we need to have a movement that’s capable of flexing its muscle in the street.” Listen to the full interview - here.

Join the Protests Against US War Over Ukraine

Local, national and international peace and justice organization as well as prominent activists have joined the call for demonstrations against US/NATO intervention in Ukraine.  If you have not yet endorsed the call, please do so by clicking here.  To see a list of actions already called, click here.  If there are no actions called in your area, please organize an action and let us know by clicking here. To read the text of the call and see the list of endorsers, click here

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