May Day 2014

Jill Stein addresses May Day Rally in NYC

May 2, 2014

May Day NYC

Green Shadow Cabinet President, Jill Stein, addressed the May1st Coalition Rally in New York on May Day, calling for a merging of justice and environmental movements.

Dr Stein also called for the upcoming United Nation Climate Conference to be met with a counter-conference: “…and make it a Justice Conference!”

NotesGreen Shadow Cabinet were knocked offline on May 2. They are back now.
In the May 1st Coalition Rally video above, mark the participation of Workers World Party & the Socialist Alternative Party.
The UNITED FRONT is assembling. Let none doubt that Bexar County Green Party are in full solidarity

Green Shadow Cabinet

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Even the tepid and formulaic kind of democracy previously permitted in the United States is too constraining for the Lords of Capital. In its arrogance, the oligarchy is exposing the class character of the state and providing left forces a potent weapon for building oppositional consciousness. For the Left, it is absolutely necessary to maintain whatever democratic space still exists while struggling to expand those spaces and rights.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today, May 1, 2014, is International Labor Day. It is worth summing up how well American workers—and their unions—have fared over the past year; since the so-called economic recovery began in mid-2009; and for the recent decades preceding.

What’s happened to jobs, wages and incomes, health and retirement security, and other indicators of the quality of life for the more than 100 million non-supervisory wage and salary earners—the core of the working class in America—over the past decade and especially since 2009?

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  Moscow: First Red Square May Day Parade in 23 years drew 100K

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