Who stands against the spying, corporate state? We do.

Green Shadow Cabinet

 Picture of Jill Stein Good afternoon –

   Who stands against the spying, corporate government in Washington D.C.? We do.

The Green Shadow Cabinet proves on a daily basis that another government is possible:

This Cabinet is ready to provide leadership in opposing the policies of Washington, D.C.. And that’s a good thing, because people are coming to us in ever greater numbers to ask for help in raising up their daily struggles.

Next week, our entire Cabinet will unite to pool our resources and networks to support a critical struggle that is just beginning, and that is important to all of us. When we do that, I hope you will read our call to action, and join us in our efforts. 

   Right now, I need your help. We must raise $10,000 by the end of June and $45,000 by the end of August in order to turn our media operations — our website, our social media, our media relations — into the kind of useful, independent political force our country so desperately needs. Right now we have a minimal part-time staff. We’ve done a great deal in just a few weeks with the personal networks and skills of our Cabinet members. We can do much, much more with good technology, support staff, and the popular power that those can unleash.

   Please make a generous donation right now.

I find it critical that we strengthen the Green Shadow Cabinet. We need this ongoing daily challenge to the political establishment. The Cabinet raises up all those voices — in independent politics, in social movements, and especially, in marginalized communities — that are shut out of the corporate government and the corporate media. Your immediate contribution will help break the sound barrier.

This past weekend, I had the honor of meeting dozens of members of my Cabinet in person at the Left Forum, a gathering of nearly 5000 progressive organizers, activists, and academics. I also had the opportunity to address the opening plenary as one of the Left Forum‘s keynote speakers (click here to see my speech – it’s about 40 minutes in). The message from the Forum is clear. People are looking to Greens for leadership. And I am looking to you.

   Here are three things you can do today and in the coming weeks:

1. Be the media. Distribute the statements that appear on our website, along with your own commentary, far and wide.

     2. Donate. Your immediate contribution will make the Green Shadow Cabinet the force it can be.

3. Organize. Build our movement and get your local parties, unions, and groups involved in the struggles to come. Next week we’ll put out a call for action. Take a look at it. I hope you will decide to participate.

For People, Peace, and the Planet,

   Dr. Jill Stein

Who do you think funds the Green Shadow Cabinet? That’s right. Click here to donate. Thank you. For website: Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States of America

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