The Struggle is One

Yudith Nieto’s letter to Valero CEO William R. Kleese, delivered in the week after Christmas on behalf of the Manchester community, demanded:
You have 5 days to be accountable to the following information: 1. What are you putting into our air? 2. How do these chemicals affect our health 3. What kind of violations have happened here that you haven’t told us about? 4. What are the annual emissions limits for each chemical you emit, and what are your measured emissions of these chemicals? 
Kleese’s response to date? Nothing, nada, zip.
Imagine his attitude is that he needn’t explain himself to cucarachas either, hunh? This well-manicured 1%er needs to learn some common courtesy.
  Students United for Socioeconomic Justice Action Friday, March 22nd, 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm 
Demo in solidarity with Tar Sands Blockade‘s Week of Action – on the UTSA 1604 campus across the street (“Valero Way” or Blvd)  from Valero.

Valero Energy Corporate Headquarters 
Action supported by People’s Power Coalition in Solidarity with Idle No More, Bexar County Green Party, Southwest Workers Union, Texas Indigenous Council, Esperanza Peace & Justice Center. 
Others are doing more:
They are digging us a hole They are digging us a hole Six feet underground Where the pipeline will go They are digging us a hole They are digging us a hole Six feet underground Where are future will go We will lay down our bodies We will lay down our souls But we won’t stand by and watch While they dig us a hole
Arrests: Westborough, MA Transcanada offices as arrests were made inside on Mon, Mar 11–see: 

Escalating resistance to Keystone XL: ‘If President Obama will not reject the pipeline, we will stop it ourselves.’
Around Green Party, we hear plaints from greenwashed liberals that we must bow to the corporate boardrooms’  Gofer-in-Chief even as he orders Kerry to fast-track the pipeline–strike an “appropriate” posture of lobbying obviously corrupt officials, condone “imminent domain” seizures of resources for private profit–perhaps pursuant to Obama’s fascistic Executive Order NDRP .
Who can fathom the mind of a Democrat?” — John Reed
No. More. 
There are only two options, and we need to exercise both:
1) Build COHESION within our local coalition for direct action here in SA.
When: March 16, 2013 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Energia Mia meeting doubles as the break-out session of the March 2nd Teach-In
285 Oblate (entrance around the back)
continuing the conversation about building a campaign against Valero and fracking.
Krystan Bruce  – workshop on consensus building and direct action tactics
Green Campaign School 2) OPPOSE the Oligarchy politically. Like Occupiers in 2012, Blockaders & activists NEED to be on the 2014 BALLOT & NOT pimped out to Corporate Democrat Agenda. Presently, there’s only one viable means to that end:
922 San Pedro Avenue  San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 228-0201 
conducted by Ben Manski (Campaign Manager), Tia Nowack and Matt Kozlowski core cadre of the 2012 Stein-Honkala campaign. 
Saturday, March 30 2013 (the day before Easter) 9am–5pm  

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