Jill Stein Secures Presidential Nomination


Dr. Jill Stein secures Green Presidential nomination, rises to 5% in national poll

June 15, 2016 The Jill Stein for President campaign announced today that Dr. Jill Stein has secured enough delegates to win the Green Party’s Presidential nomination at the party’s upcoming national convention. After a week in which she won the majority of Green delegates in California, New York, and Maryland, Dr. Stein has the support of 203 delegates, enough to win the nomination on the first ballot at the Green Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention in Houston August 4-7. The nomination is not official until then. Dr. Stein said that a June 12 NBC poll showing her at 5% nationally, up from 2% in a PPP poll in mid-May, was an unmistakable sign that her campaign was gaining momentum. “With a tiny fraction of the money and free media attention available to Clinton and Trump, we’ve earned the support of millions of Americans and we’re growing fast,” said Stein.

Greens Expose “Spoiler” Myth

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Green Party responds to Stephen Colbert’s repeat of the “spoiler” myth, urges Colbert to invite Greens to appear on his show

Why did Gore lose in 2000? Because 13% of Florida Democrats voted for Bush, GOP vote obstruction in Florida, and a biased Supreme Court ruling

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Green Party responded to Stephen Colbert’s repeat of the “Nader spoiled” accusation during the Wednesday, May 18 broadcast of “The Late Show” on CBS, chiding the talk-show host for parroting a baseless Democratic Party propaganda myth.

“When you look at the actual numbers in 2000, it becomes clear that the spoiler allegation is the Democratic equivalent of the right-wing fringe belief that Barack Obama was born in Kenya,” said Paul Pipkin, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States and Green candidate for Congress in Texas, 20th CDhttp://www.newmenu.org/paulpipkin ).

Greens also corrected Mr. Colbert on his claim that Bernie Sanders “is now being courted by the Green Party to join their ticket” and noted that it would be nearly impossible, legally and logistically, for Mr. Sanders to launch a new campaign after the Democratic nomination. The Green Party has its own candidates for the Green presidential nomination (http://gpus.org/committees/presidential-campaign-support/2016-recognized-candidates ).

Greens have, however, invited Mr. Sanders to help promote the Green Party as a permanent independent alternative to the two corporate-money parties. Mr. Sanders has not responded…

Read the full press release.

Green challenge to Colbert picked up by Washington Times:


3600 New York Ave NE | Washington DC, 20002

Green Party recognizes two Presidential candidates

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The Green Party recognizes two candidates for the Green nomination: Jill Stein, William Kreml

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party of the United States formally recognizes two candidates for the 2016 Green presidential nomination, in accordance with party rules: Jill Stein and William Kreml. Both candidates have fulfilled all the requirements for official recognition, qualifying their campaigns for access to party resources.

The nominee will be chosen at the 2016 Green Party Presidential Nomination Convention in Houston, Texas, August 4-7, 2016 ( http://www.gp.org/pnc-2016 ). The nomination will take place on Saturday, August 6.

The full release is online at http://www.gp.org/green_party_recognizes_two_candidates_for_the_green_nomination

By way of full transparency, on May 2nd 2016
the GPUS Steering Committee found :
“…Bill Kreml and Jill Stein are the only Green Party presidential candidates recognized by GPUS since February 1, 2016 in accordance with party rules governing recognition of presidential candidates.”

  June Meeting

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, June 5th 2016. We meet 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the Mission Branch Library, 3134 Roosevelt Avenue SA,TX 78214.

Vanessa Tijerina for US Representative District 15

 Nurse and activist Vanessa Tijerina of Raymondville is running as a Green for Congressional District 15 in the Rio Grande Valley. In a different context on Labor Day, she spoke at the Latinos for Bernie rally in front of Joaquin Castro’s office, but she saw the light soon enough to run for office as a Green. Over 8,000 Twitter followers and well over 2,000 on a Facebook page. It’s an open congressional seat.

This comes close to home. the 15th is anchored on the Border, but comes on up to include Karnes County – the fracking/prison complex hell-hole that Jill Stein had just visited before she addressed us here in October–as well as Gonzales County.


Pursuant to the Texas Election Code, notice is hereby given that the Bexar County Green Party shall be conducting all precinct conventions at the following time and place:

Native American Indigenous People’s Center

1912 Roosevelt Ave,

San Antonio, TX 78210

7 PM to 9 PM

March  8,  2016

The purpose of the precinct conventions is to select delegates to the County convention

Pursuant to the Texas Election Code, notice is hereby given that the Bexar County Green Party shall be conducting its 2016 County convention at the following time and place:

Native American Indigenous People’s Center

1912 Roosevelt Ave,

San Antonio, TX 78210

1 PM to 4 PM

March  12,  2016

The purpose of the County convention is to select delegates to the GPTX State party convention, to be held on April 9, 2016, and to formally nominate candidates.

Legal Notices of our Conventions were filed with the Bexar County Clerk at 12:20 pm on Feb 22nd, 2016 and posted on the County’s Public Notices bulletin board:

Jill Stein Can Treat Your #AfterBern and #Bernout

Most American voters see huge differences between, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump – or Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz – and assert that those differences are substantive enough that they feel like that can either ignore independent or express outright hostility to candidates like Dr. Stein.

In this interview, Dennis Trainor, Jr. asks Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein, are most voters wrong? And, related to the broader ‘lesser-evil’ argument that keeps voters tied to the two party duopoly, if Bernie Sanders does not win the nomination of the Democratic party, is Dr. Stein positioned to treat his followers for #AfterBern?


Federal Matching Funds!


For Immediate Release: January 12, 2016
Six Months Ahead of Schedule, Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein Has Qualified For Federal Matching Funds.


Contact: Joel Peissig | Communication Director
[c] 1. 213. 514. 8989
[e] press@jill2016.comAdditional resources for Media: jill2016.com/press
January 12th, Boston, Massachusetts
Today Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein announced that she has raised enough money to qualify for federal matching funds for the 2016 presidential race.The announcement followed an intense week of fundraising in which Stein volunteers manned virtual phonebanks and solicited support via email and Facebook appeals.  Their goal was to reach a threshold of $5000 in matchable funds from at least 20 states. On Wednesday, volunteers cheered as the last seven states crossed the finish line, giving Stein a total of 21 qualified states.

Stein qualified for matching funds almost six months earlier than in the 2012 race.  Once the Federal Election Commission approves the paperwork, all donations received by Stein will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to a limit of $250 per donor.

In 2012 Stein became the most successful female presidential candidate in US history by receiving almost 469,000 votes nationwide. This tripled the Green Party vote over the previous election. So far this year, the Green Party is well ahead of 2012 in both fundraising and ballot access efforts.

“If there is anything that has been proven by the presidential race so far, it is that voters are rejecting the type of candidates typically offered by the Democratic and Republican parties.” says Stein.

“By November 2016 we will be the only campaign that has not sold out to big money and Wall Street. We will be the only campaign standing up against a failing foreign policy built on militarism and a failing economic system that puts profits for the super rich over economic security for working people.We will give millions of voters a chance to vote for a fair economy,  health care for all, and a livable environment for their families. 2016 is not going to be another election year of the lesser evil – it will be the year when the greater good speaks up loud and clear in the voting booth. America desperately needs our voice in the presidential race, and we are now prepared to seize this unprecedented opportunity. “